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My new Post!

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Hi lazy daisy

Again, I am sorry about your experiences . I agree about nurses these days doing their shopping in their uniform but it is still against hospital policy for them to wear a uniform while out shopping etc. I am also confused as to why a D grade enrolled nurse was left in charge of a ward? This is also considered (or it was) unsafe practice.

Maybe my opinion was right then... Make the NHS private

Tilly I did not say ALL nurses but in my experience it is the majority who we have encountered both in Children's hospital and our experiences of adult wards. They just do not know how to cope with someone who doesn't fit into their little boxes and show no interest in learning from those of us who care for my son 24/7 namely us.
When my son was hospitalised last year with pneumonia the nurses would not listen to us when we told them that he could not sit on a bedpan unless he was attached to the hoist on his sling. Two of them came marching into the room with a bedpan and proceeded to try and stuff it under him despite him crying out in pain and us telling them you can't do that. One of them briskly came out with "Nonsense little old ladies sit on a bed pan. I have sat on a bedpan." I pointed out to her that neither she nor little old ladies have DMD and thus no balance, nor do they have a spinal fusion like my son. They said we were obviously over anxious and tried to make us leave the room and we refused saying that we were not leaving our son in their incompetent hands. They then said that they were going to talk to their union rep about this - I told them to go ahead.

They quoted health and Safety issues to me at every turn e.g. when I asked to bring his own specialised sling (for someone with DMD and a spinal fusion) from home - they refused. When I asked to bring his specialised mattress from home - they refused and son had to end up sleeping in his wheelchair because the bed was agony for him. This was despite us waiting for 5 hours in A & E while the ward supposedly looked for a pressure relief mattress for him - the ward claimed A&E hadn't told them he needed one despite me sitting right there when the A&E nurse phoned the ward regarding this. I have a Law degree and had to point out to them that they cannot use H&S to get round their obligations and Duty of Care to my son. God help those who do not have families who know the law and know how to advocate for them!

They claimed not to be able to operate his ventilator, his cough assist and his nebuliser - on a respiratory ward!! They would not listen to us telling them how he should be hoisted and they caught his leg on the hoist, injuring his knee necessitating him being seen by 2 doctors and prescribed analgesics. When I put in a formal complaint they closed ranks and denied that there had been any injury and claimed "if he had been injured he would have been seen by a doctor and prescribed analgesics." I was able to give them the names of the 2 doctors who saw him and the details of the dosage and type of analgesics he had been prescribed - they still tried to deny it!

Being in that hospital was hell on earth for us thanks to the attitude of the majority of the nursing staff. I don't care how "overworked" and "understaffed" they are there is no excuse for what they put us through. My husband and I work 24/7 heavy end caring - unlike nurses we don't get holidays or time off to be ill (or a decent wage!) but we don't treat people like crap!

When he was in the Childrens hospital after his spinal fusion I witnessed nurses giving it yadda yadda at the nurse station about their holidays, boyfriends etc whilst kids were left in their beds crying out for help. We had nurses walking away leaving my son dangling in the sling as it was time for their teabreak so pardon me for not having rose tinted specs on when I look at the reports in the newspapers about the "angel" nurses. I am simply telling it like it is in our experience - perhaps others may have had great experiences but from talking to other parents of DMD boys I have yet to hear of any.

unsafe practice?Why? When I worked in London before the grading came in, The Royal Northern Hospital had Enrolled Nurses in charge of wards.(I worked on Orthopaedic and ENT,every shift I did there,an Enrolled nurse was in charge).
Tilly if you make the NHS private what happens to those who do not have money - are they then subjected to an even lower standard than presently exists?


Ahh lazy daisy . I didn't know you practiced nursing before the grading came in. I nursed as it was being changed over and D grade enrolled nurses was the same as newly qualified.

Eun...I have no idea what would happen if it was privatised. I am just responding to you saying " angels my arse" ... Because myself and lots of other nurses find that hurtful.

The nurse who tried to put your son on a bedpan without using a hoist should have been reported, because that too isn't and shouldn't be normal practice.

I will back out of this conversation cos I was trying to make a point that as been taken the wrong way..I cannot defend every nurse and every ward.. But I will not be lumped in with the nurses who have let the profession down.