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Jamie oliver and obesity

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I have just been reading about Jamie Oliver's ideas to tackle obesity, which he is going to present to the Government. I believe that his heart is in the right place, but with regard just to myself, good eating does not, on its own, mean good health.

I am very overweight,and have been since soon after I finished work, and stayed at home to be a Carer. I walk when I can, but am becoming increasingly unfit. I cannot remember the last tiome I ate in Macdonalds or simliar. I do not each huge portions of food,my problem is lack of exercise. I have a very quiet day today, so am sitting down, or just pottering, but because I am waiting for an important phone call, I cannot go out for a long walk.The only time I get peace to have a good long walk, is between Christmas and New Year, when we have no appointments, or Social Services interference,(and alwyas providing there is no family emergency).

A couple of years ago, I was horseriding weekly, which was fabulous, but it became too expensive. It was the most amazing feeling, going along the beach on horseback, and I would have loved to have kept that up. I cannot even afford to swim as much as I could three years ago, which I also love. My daughter is hoping to be able to get discount for herself and me at the holiday village she works in, so that we could swim twice a week, early mornings!

I resent not having time to exercise. I was a size 12 after I had my third and final baby, and could push a pushchair complete with baby and four year old Downs Syndrome son inside, plus another toddler and take the dog for a walk of several miles. I am now a size 20, and while I can walk for miles, I won't be able to for much longer if I do not get the time to exercise.

Does anyone else struggle to find the time or money to get a reasonable amount of exercise?And how can we overcome this? Image
Lazydaisy, I would love to find a way to lose weight. When the kids were younger I was like you walking for miles, with one child in a wheelchair, one walking and one in a baby sling. But over the years we had to park in the disabled bays for our eldest son so that he could manage to get out.
I did start to go out for walks again when I gave up work to study, but found that it made my arthritis really hurt. Also I am such a slow walker and I fall over and stumble. So now I am at home a lot and it is hard to lose weight when you are not very mobile.
I was given tablets to help but they did not do much and I ended up having to stop taking them when they caused stomach trouble.
I would love to join a gym but cannot afford the fees.
Also of course the food that is less expensive is the less healthy. We do try and eat a lot of fruit and veg, but who can refuse a pringle or 10?
Seriously Jamie would be better lobbying shops to make food a better price, not at the expense of the supplier. Also Jamie could lobby the government to provide people with gym membership or for those who have problems getting out what about giving all carers gym equipment at home. I would use it if I had it.
I know how you feel, I have put on weight since becomming a carer. I'm not able to leave the house for a walk or any exercise. I do get a sitter for my Mum for 10hours over the 7 days, but I am either meeting friends (which I think is good for me) or rushing around doing things that need doing! Tonight I get 3 hours off, so I am going to Boots for incontinence pants and wipes, then the supermarket, then meeting a friend who's girlfriend committed suicide last week - where is the me time there to exercise? Jamie Oliver come and live my life for a week!
I need to make an effort though but I'm not sure how. Someone will be along soon to help us I'm sure Image
Bluebird x
Iam overweight but when at work was about 12 / 13 st if not on repair work would be on track patrol some 6km walk each and every day when at Sunderland parachute club would jog round perimiter at least 10 times each day 2/3 times per week after night shift would swim at Gosforth baths 5/6 times per week and i ate healthy food as i do today however when i started to look after STAN i just could not work and care and keep fit when i gave up work due mainly to lack of exercise but also eating food STAN now and again did not want grabing the odd meal when i had time i started to put weight on when working as a carer i did comfort eat .
When social workers got involved with STAN they also said they had to make sure that i was also ok i wanted to go back swimming and to the gym they said they would get care worker to sit with STAN to enable me to try and get fit as they said my health was important gym was about £350 per year swimming was just £2 per visit but when the social told me the cost of care worker to keep an eye on STAN was about £10 per hour 1999/2000 need i say more .
Before becoming a carer, I was never larger than a size 14, and quite fit. I cycled, ran, swam a bit, did yoga... Those days are long gone. I'm a size 20. Not because I eat unhealthily (I don't), but because interrupted sleep, lack of indoor space and lack of free time make it impossible to get anything like a reasonable amount of exercise.

As others have already said, I could pay somebody to sit with my caree (there's no way I could take him with me), but in this area that's £10-17 an hour before you even count the cost of getting to a swimming pool or the entry fee. Image
Crikey, I know how you all feel. As a self employed Painter and Decorator, I was always very active climbing ladders etc. Since becoming a carer I have put on at least a couple of stone. I now have this huge stomache that gets in the way! I hate it. I have a job to get out to get any sort of real exersise. Just a walk to the shops or Doctors Surgery and a uphill walk to the car parked in the council car park. If I'm lucky I take a stroll along the prom and back beach as a "long" way back home.
I've tried a "rubber band" thingy to help me do sit ups. I cant do them without it as it hurts my back too much. Its so boring though and I just get started and Jill requires some help!! Aaaah!
Oh well, could be much worse I guess.

I have just been reading about Jamie Oliver's ideas to tackle obesity, Image
Thats funny, I have noticed that he is looking a bit chubby himself.... Image

(Just been ski-ing for two hours tonight along with my caree and a dozen other carers, carees, and siblings, at no cost to me, thanks to the Lottery - my cheeks are glowing and for once it isnt embarrassment!)

Exercise is important to me, and so is good food. Properly home-cooked food is healthier, tastier and cheaper, and so is plenty of fresh veg, fruit and nuts. I agree with Jamie, so called "Convenience food" are a killer - expensive and packed with sugar and saturated fats. And it isnt really that convenient, surely anyone can make a cheap and nutritious meal in 20-30 minutes, less time than it takes to get a home delivered curry... can't they?

My favourite quick and cheap meals? Liver and onions.... with a rich tomato and onion sauce... and either wholemeal bread or optional mashed potatoes. Second favourite, mussels/smoked salmon bits and ribbon pasta. Third, cauliflower cheese with crispy smoked bacon. Any of them less than a pound per person...
I'd also noticed that the Naked Chef's poundage and girth had increased recently, Excalibur - good food is important, but too much is still too much, as I now know to my cost. Image

Adjusting what you eat can help especially where it's not possible to get the exercise you really need. Adjusting the quantities a little can make a big difference, too. For various reasons (excuses?? Image ) I've been unable to increase my level of exercise by any notable amount, but by adjusting portions - more veg, fewer potatoes/less pasta and rice - and changing some of my eating habits I've lost a stone since February. I'm working on the "change one thing" principle, which is much easier to do than changing everything, and it has worked well, if fairly slowly. Cutting out biscuits altogether (except as part of a meal - cheese and biscuits as a dessert rather than a sweet pudding) was the first step, back in February. I'm still a lot chubbier than Mr Oliver but the weight is gradually dropping...
ah I feel your pain LOL Image
|I too am very overweight, I have always had this problem but it worsened when I started to have problems with my knee, then that was operated on but left me with a walking stick, then arthiritis of the spine kicked in, and I am a carer for my husband too........so although I am fairly active around the home, its not exercise! I eat less [truly] than my husband does, infact, more than my family members, I am on weight watchers at the moment [lost 14 stone once upon a time with them] so now trying again, eating Healthy is good [which we do] low saturated fats n all that, but it sure is exercise. How do I know? because my son is overweight and hes been going to the gym now for 6 months and is eating the same as he always was. That proves it to me.

I can just about jiggle with a tin of beans!
I don't know if this is any help at all but my mum is a carer and she gets something called a Leisure Key from the Council. It means she can go swimming and to the gym at a reduced rate. I just looked it up and it says its for people on limited incomes. The person you care for can also get something called a companion card so if they need help using a facility they can take a carer with them who gets reduced rates or even free admission. This is Stockport Council, I don't know if other council's have Leisure Keys or maybe similar schemes with a different name but might be worth looking into it?