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Outings with my son

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hiya all was just wondering about outings

i over heard one of the moms talking aboout a discount she gets when ever she takes her son out ... dose any one know how this works as half the time when i take my son out we pay full price and end up leaving 5 min later and lose out .. do i ask for a carers price and a child disabilty price .. would be great if any one can assit me with any info

thank you

There are a few good discounts around.
Some parts of the UK offer travel cards to kids with disabilities that allow a kid+carer to go free or half price or buses and trains.
You can also get a Cinema ticket that gives free entry to a carer.
Add the two together, and you have a pretty cheap outing - as long as you avoid the very pricey soft drinks, sweets and popcorn. Solution - bring your own and smuggle it in.
Some places allow a lower rate for carers or allow them entry for free. It's usually best to ask for "one disabled child and one carer" or something similar, and if there is a discount you'll get it.

We've found that this works at most zoos, Sea Life Centres and other similar venues.
does your son like to go to the cinema Image

if so get the CEA CARD you get 1 free entry try the web site you will have to apply for I.D. card will need photo


GEORGE= just remembered must be in receipt of some kind of disability allowance
wow great thank you you guys are life savers thank you so much for the infomation i will look into it
I was told you could get free bus travel if you are in receipt of carers allowance and the person you are caring for recieves, dla or attendance allowance or similar, also if you are on other benefits aswell as carers allowance you can apply for a community care grant and plea with them that your child needs this stimulation and that it is part of his needs, you may want to get your disability social worker or even your doctor just to write a letter saying your son needs to go out as part of his social and care needs to go with the application - they are likely to consider it - make sure you get prices of where you want to go and what you want to do to put on the form