My brothers going in a home and "above" £23,250

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Ive no real problems with the home (quality of equipment/staff etc BB, but the way they're handling the finances). But then again, the manager doesn't really know much about that.

Thanks for posting. And thanks for the link/PDF file.


I very much doubt that the manager of a large care home doesn't know much about finances. I should imagine finances are a very large part of her day. I think she is taking advantage of your good nature.
If she keeps saying it's not her, or she doesn't know, then demand (nicely) to know who you should speak to about it, and dont be fobbed off. Someone, (probably more than one person) somewhere are making you, your brother, and your family pay more than they should. This is not right, not fair and illegal. You and especially your brother deserve not to be taken advantage of in this way.
The worst thing is that she is - deliberately in my view - misleading you. Any renegotiation of any fees should be with the local authority, not her.
Very sorry to hear about the girl with cerebral palsy bowling bun. And this is my main concern, my brothers "legs". He can walk, and the home tell me they walk him about twice a day (he wears an helmet because of his sudden seizures (epilepsy) not his actual legs).

Went to a "firework do tonight, and was in a wheelchair outside (freezing cold though !) and enjoyed it. So, the essence it's the epilepsy that keeps my brother in a wheelchair, not his actual legs. Of course, it's always on ones mind when ones away from the home and that is : how MUCH. Walking does he do in a day? I can only take them as their word. But they're a good lot at this home. He's well settled in and comfortable. Every time you turn your head there a staff member, nurse or somebody.

Thanks BB

Hello. Mrs. Average/Bowling bun et al

I received the phone call from the DWP as mentioned above regarding the mobility component. I was told a lady was to ring me up this afternoon about it, and indeed, she did (came as as surprise, however)

Anyway, she told me that i will be getting back pay from 17th July (my brothers admission date to the care home) to October 18th - paid into my acount 9th November (they pay Thursdays she tells me {all payments}). And after this, the DWP PIP/mobility component will be payed into my account every month (she did say "4 weekly") at £232.00 per month. (£58.00 mobility component) this will be paid 16th November, (£232.00) then each month after from 14th December (all Thursday). So I'm very grateful that this has had a good outcome.

Sorry mrs average I didn't respond to your post, as the forum went to another Page (11) and i was on page 10, and kept refreshing the browser so missed your post (and others)

"""""I very much doubt that the manager of a large care home """doesn't"""" know much about finances. I should imagine finances are a very large part of her day."""""
Trust me mrs average, i spoke to her bonfirire night at this function. , and she hasn't a clue. She rang the social worker up (Friday last) and she's going to Contact me regarding this "mobility" issue, which, All being well - as now been solved. So I'm best probably not engaging with her so as to"confuse"????

Re: top up fee. It makes me feel "better" after receiving the good news on the mobility payment issue, but the top-up fiasco isn't getting better, and the news is (now) that neither my eldest sister, nor my other brother are paying ANYTHING at all. - not even the £20 (which should have been £40 apiece=£160 per month assuming i should pay top up fees in the first place, which most - if not all posters here on this this thread dont think i should be doing)? By the way, this would mean i would have to pay £140.00 per month ! (My younger sister pays £20.00)

I dare not mention the mobility component I've had to my family, as it seems to some members of the family that if i have an upturn in my finances, whether its this mobility, a windfall, a gift, you name it, then they'll be less inclined to pay my top-up fee at all - as they think Ive got enough to pay myself.

The Top-up issue will be next on my "hit-list" and will be discussing this - but not to the care home manager when, like I Said, is petty much clueless on finances.


Good to hear things moving forward slowly.
Re top up fees, can you tell me if SSD did a formal financial assessment before your brother moved into the home, with you given written details of how they arrived at their figure?
Asking for a copy of this would be your first move, together with a copy of his Needs Assessment. A change of circumstances should have triggered a new Needs Assessment. I have a sneaky feeling that one or both may have been accidentally "forgotten".
Just ring up innocently and say you can't find a copy of either on your records, must have lost it, please could they email you another one. (Softly, softly, catchee monkey!!).
Who actually arranged your brothers move to the home?
Hi Tony
That is good news 're the mobility payments, but do remember they are payments to your brother, not to you. It would be much better if you had separate bank accounts just in case anyone ever accuses you of spending his money on yourself. I know you wouldn't but it would be much easier to prove if you have separate bank accounts. It will be easier for you to open a new one in your own name and have your own benefits paid into that.
Also you must NOT use his mobility payments to pay any top up. A residents own money cannot be used for top ups. Top ups are voluntarily from third parties, and as we've said before in your financial situation you should not be paying any at all.

Well done on getting one step forward
And you most certainly do not tell your family that your brother now gets this money. It is his to spend on what he needs.
Thank you mrs average and bowling bun for the advice.

Bowling bun, my social worker and LDN arranged for my brother to go in a home. (Not sure what SSD is social services department??). Yes, there are all these extra things like needs assessment etc etc, and its always an ongoing. Process, but like someone told me recently, "dont get too obsessed with forms, departments, services etc, but take each day at a time and have a break." Ive got copies of all that were filled in (financial assessments etc).

mrs average

I have 3 accounts (or like "savings" In my bank account, and separate his money from Mine there, and monitor it at all times. And no, i wont pay top-up out of this as not lawful, but ill pay it - or what i can, for now, until this top-up issue has been sorted.

Thanks for your kind support and advice. You don't really know how much i appreciate what youve done for me👍

Hopefully ill be 🔙🔛🔝🔜!

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