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Carers assesment

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Hi there
On the 12th November of this year we had a carers assesment done at home by a Social Worker (So far so good) She explained about direst payments but not very well. After I looked up about direct payments on a link on Carers uk I phoned up and spoke to the woman who had come out and she took on board the information and told me that it would go to a panel that sits every two weeks to see if we qualified.
Two weeks later I phoned up to be told that the assesment was still on her desk and she was on holiday for a week on annual leave. As usual I could not speak to anybody else because no body was at their desk or at a meeting!!!
I was assured that she would be in on Monday. Needless to say she wasn't and arrived back on the Tuesday morning. I couldn't contact her as she was out on an emergency and when I did contact her she said that it would be another two weeks until the panel sat again and that she hadn't put it in before because she was going on leave on the Monday and didn't have time!
Who gives the people of Medway Council Social Sevices the right to treat their customers with this kind of contempt. We were put through to the complaints department and spoke to an assistant who could not do anything for us because her boss was off and when we asked to be transfered back she said that she didn't know how to do it. What is this country coming too. We are now sitting waiting for Medway Social services to get their act together and maybe inform us of what is going to happen. Watch this space! Image Take Care Alison
this sounds so irritatting - you dont have to put up with it and although we can all appreciate people goin on leave etc social services shoudl have procedures in place for what to do . I do hope you have put this in writing to a senior social services person. It might help them idenfify that some one is not runnign their department as they should and it might rub off for the next people to contact them and it might get put right. Good luck with this- I had an assessment done about a fornight ago-0 I not only dont have a copy but have heard nothing from any one about it but will follow this up soon..