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my back diagnosis :( - Carers UK Forum

my back diagnosis :(

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had assesment 4 my back. Luckily dont need an operation but am on crutches nw due to my spinal joint has been severly strained. The muscles around it are swollen. Had ultra sound where tjy found the injury. 2 weeks ao my husband wome im a carer oo found me screaming on my hands and knees i agony. He feels vunerable now cus he now has t care 4 me 4 a bit when actually im his fulltime carere oh well. My crutches do help tho but mum does shopping 4 us now every two weeks
Shandy, back injuries are so easy to get, so difficult to put right. Sadly I speak from personal experience. Now I have to be careful about how long I sit or stand, and the pain on a bad day can be pretty rough.

If any carer out there has any lifting or moving to do, ask your local social services about "moving and handling" training. Some do provide it or can put you in touch with organisations that do. Others won't be able/willing to help - but if you don't ask you certainly won't get it. You could make it a part of your carers assessment - get it recorded as a need: social services have a duty of care to protect your health as a carer...
backs improving and the crutches r a blessed help to me whilst walking short distances. Thank 4 info. I was SCARED to as socal services incase they start to DEEM me unfit to care 4 simon (shudders) i love him and dont want him to be alone. Parents bless them have also now offered fortnightly runs form supermarket to home here 4 us both. pARENTS HAVE A DOORMOBIL VAN YIPEEE. Back i getting lots better but cant walk far.
Hi Shandy
Glad the back is slowly improving, but the problem with all carer and backs etc where you need to take it easy for a bit you can`t, but take it as easy as you can
I have an extra vertabra (lower back) and when i was younger had very serious problems re muscle spasm in lower back could go for months with no problem then oooooops sleeping on plywood tonight
I didn't know Social Services had a duty to protect our health as carers, Charles. Have they ever tried putting a tetraplegic into or out of a car, by bending their knees not their backs???? Can't be done, I'm afraid. Moving and handling courses bear no relevance at all to our situation here. Admittedly it can't cover all types of disability, but two people with the same type of injuries will need moving in different ways. I have never had anyone from the SS express concern over my health, either mental or physical.
Fran, the main point of a carers assessment is to ensure that you are supported to continue caring: protecting your health is a key method of doing that.

It's also to give you a choice as to whether you wish to continue caring or not.
I was informed by my doctor just 3 weeks ago thaat i was doing far to much on my own and he thought it was time i accessed help via social services as my own health was just as important when i told him i could not afford to pay for help he replied but is it not free

i rest my case mlaud .
our GP was shocked a couple of years ago, when he realised just how much disabled people and their families have to fork out for their everyday support, or go without.

My brother-in-law heard it all on Saturday;he drives as a volunteer for SS, and was speechless(not like him at all), when I filled him in on a few of the expenses!
I hope when you say S.S. you are talking about social services and not the SCHUTZSTAFFEL Image Image Image

good job you can take a joke Image Image Image