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Must we?

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Must we,as carers,be subject to the ever growing intrusive,huge,ill-fitting,snooping,prying,and costly monolithic State?Is THAT the price we must pay for having need of their services?.

Taxed to hell and back to fund the monolith,must we endure this pathetic system?.

I believe that a smaller state can deliver.BUT,it takes radical reformation.
Two choices. Go the small government way and get no support, or the big government way and see all the support swallowed up in bureaucracy.

That's the cynical view.

Or you can campaign for change, locally and/or nationally. You'd be amazed what we can achieve together.
I agree,comunity,LOCALISM,beats the state.I get more done FAR more locally.But I get ZERO from the monolith.Never will,they take TAKE TAKE!!!!.Government intervention is costly wastefull.I favour far more localism.Money spent locally,responding to local need and a very SMALL state.
I think that you are confusing localism with the small state, hardly surprising as this government has used the Localism Bill to introduce aspects of the small state.

The theoretical advantage of localism is that priorities, etc. will be set in response to local need, the actual disadvantage of localism is that the types of services and the criteria for access to these services will result in a postcode lottery whereas nationally-funded services with clear universal entitlement criteria provide more equal access.

And, of course, those with most to lose are those who are more likely to lose it under localism because those with the loudest voices, usually the more affluent and educated, will use those voices to influence local decision-making and, given the choice between mending the pot holes in their leafy streets and providing free childcare for the poorest members of the community, for example, they will favour mending the pot holes.

In order to understand the dangers of localism you only have to read Westminster City Council's consultation document on the allocation of social housing, allocation prioritised not on need but based on the type of community that the better-off wish to live in, other local authorities have, to varying degrees, published similar proposals.
Government is like a big baby.An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end,and no sense of responsibility at the other. Image
Michael,That is the best description of government Ive heard.TRUE with a big "T". Image Image