iam furious with our beloved masters

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Ive been in one hell of a mood today ive sent off 16 emails to the powers that be got everything off my chest.

during P.M.Q`S David Cameron asks poor old Gordon for a straight answer YES or NO please so ive asked David Cameron for a straight answer re the carers allowance
1. are you in favour of the carers allowance being increased ?

2. do you agree that carers should receive more than £100 per week .?

3. should carers who reach pensionable age receive both carers allowance and state pension.?

4. should carers receive extra payments if they care for more than one person .?

YES or NO.

5.should GEORGE get some extra cash just to keep his mouth shut and stop sending emails.
only one answer just now #5 YES

Without fail you always make me smile Image .

As serious as your emails are to the powers that be, the way you post here makes my day.


x x x
I second that rosemary. Image Image
Image I await your answers with great interest George Image