Muslim man gets benefit for four wives

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One of the issues that carers brought up at our national consultation for the National Strategy was a higher rate of Carer's Allowance for looking after more than one person. That's one of the suggestions that has been put forward.

Carers UK campaigns for legal rights to make sure that people, irrespective of their ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation are able to get what they are legally entitled to. Ofcourse the next challenge is making sure carers know about their rights and that is a whole new problem that needs dealt with.

This topic ignerates very strong opinions which some find offensive. I have already had one call for it to be brought to a close. Don't want to be censorial but can we move on?
Hasn't this discussion gone far enough? It has no relevance whatsoever to carers as Matt has pointed out, I'm sure that there are boards where it has a place, a carers' board isn't one of them.
If this topic has no relevance than why does Gavin not remove it.
I personally think it is most relevant that carers get the allowance they deserve and cases like this need pointing out to show where things go wrong.
Gavin has already said that CUK are fighting for the allowance when a carer cares for more than one person.
I'm locking the thread.