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Mums house is being taken over

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Good evening guys,

I have an update, well it seems once I mentioned that mum was moving back into her home with full time cared in place he has done a 360 degree turnaround p, he has changed mums locks back to the original and said he never intended to move in just wanted to give me grieve, who does that….
So needless to say I have changed all the locks, which I could of done in the first place but I wanted my sister to have full access. But now I will not give her a key so this cannot happen again. Also I got mums will out of file just in case it kicked off over the weekend and had to involve police. It was brought to my attention that there is only myself and my husband that are executors not my sister as previously mentioned, I think this is a really matters as I’ve been asked several times who the executors are.
I’ve also been advised that due to one mums conditions, also being the executor’s that lasting power of attorney will be a quicker process, I will need to look at that, that was an officer who had personal experience of applying.
Also maybe look at an injunction to keep him and his mother away from the from, not sure if possible, but if district judge reads my plight, it may get considered. I will certainly try.
I just need to secure my mothers property so this does not happen in the future.

Any thoughts would be appreciated
Well done, you've been very busy, but so much stress that you and mum don't need.
If mum is mentally OK, get a solicitor to sort out the POA as soon as possible. Given what has been going on, don't do this yourself, you need the back up of a solicitor, as I did for different reasons.
A POA takes a while to be processed, the old type could be used the same day. However, if mum has signed a POA, and you have a copy of it, this clearly shows her intentions, which should then be respected.
I like the idea of an injunction. Again, ask a solicitor. You have more than enough to sort out already.

The fact that you and your husband are the only executors makes me think mum didn't trust your sister and family?

Now a difficult question. Do you know how long mum has left?
Maybe he had to say something to save face. Whatever!

Keep your energy for getting a solicitor on the case for your mum urgently.
All the better if your mum has some capacity for them to witness and process the POA all above board and legal.

It's awful that you're going through all of this, but fingers crossed a solicitor can get it sorted.
Glad to hear you have some good news regarding executorship.
Thank you guys for your support

Mum is stage 6 dementia, literally does not even recognise food or what it is, talks but no sense to it.
Way passed signing a POA, I am aware it takes a long time so most likely out of the question as I very much doubt mum would still be with us by the time it is processed.
Only speed thing is an injunction which I will look into.
My mum has been terrible with me last week, it can take me one and half hour just to change her pad, it battle all the way, I’m sure she is picking up my stresses, as it’s never been this bad before.
This nut job tries to make out he carers for his nana, I very much doubt that as if he did he would not put us both through this. He has ripped our family apart, now I just cannot allow him, my sister who was in all of this, supporting his actions, or my niece into my house to visit mum, it so sad, 8 know I’m going to be blamed at the end of it for not allowing them in to see her before she passes, but their actions have bought me to my end with them. So far they have been welcomed to come and see her, even though I have explained that our relationship most likely will not mend because of what has been going on, but not one has made any effort in 10 weeks. Care I think not. Just words I think.

I cannot wait for some peace and quite so I can spend time creating happy memories and putting smiles on mums face whilst I still have time.
It is terrible that he is causing so much stress and hurt.

Keep focused on your mothers care and happiness.
Keep that hope for her.
Have you tried playing music that your mum liked? I'm sure you've seen or been told about music helping, it might be an idea when she is being difficult to see if it helps with her mood.

Good luck with the legalities and keeping him at bay and preventing him squatting there.
If he cared for his nana he wouldn't have cleared off, he'd have stopped there to look after her outside of work. Pardon my bluntness bordering on rude but what he cares about seems to be bricks and mortar related.