Mum is now in hospital

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I contacted the Dr this afternoon, explaining how my mother is hardly able to stand, legs buckle and her back arches. No idea what is causing this. I said I feel she needs to be assessed, something isn't right.
The Dr understood my feelings and also said she would be better off in hospital.
She wanted her to go by ambulance, but my mother prefered I drove her, which I was happy to do. It wasn't easy getting her into the car, but we made it.
I got home just a short while ago, 1st stop was to feed her 3 cats and make sure all was locked up.
Tomorrow one of the Drs will see her and I hope to be there when he does. Part of her urine test came back, showing loads of white cells, the rest of the results will be ready tomorrow apparently.
Thanks again for all you kind words xxx
A sensible doctor. Keep us updated as and when you can. love and hugs, Karen x x
thanks for lettng us know Tricia - hope everything turns out to be OK

Thinking of you and your mum Tricia, hope all goes well.
Very best of luck xxx
Tricia, try to get some rest tonight, Mum is being looked after in the hospital and you need to have strength for the coming days. I know sadly from experience how exhausting both emotionally and physically it can be when a loved one is so poorly. Thinking of you and your Mum and hoping that she is feeling better in the morning and home again real soon.

Night night, Bell x
Thinking of you both

x x x
Hi Tricia, sorry to hear about your Mum. Thinking of you and your Mum and hoping that she is feeling better soon and you are able to get some rest Lots of Love Sheila xx
Thinking of you both x
Just called in and read your post....hoping your mum is doing ok xx