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OT's and disabiliyy rights

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Hi all,

I use a stand aid hoist to move/transfer dad. Although he has a 3/4 fracture he is able to stand in it and hold the handles. I accept that at times it is not perfect. I have been 'forced' to have dad re-assessed. The OT who came wanted to put in a ceiling hoist. I have refused as the ceilings are old and cracked znd would surely be damaged when they started drilling. It is not feasable to have these ceilings taken down as we both have lung issues and dad is unable to leave the house. She wants a track hoist which sounds like 2 a frames with a rail from one to the other. These would again be secured by pads onto the ceiling/floor. Dad does NOT want a full hoist of any variety. The sling would mean pushing it under his fracture all the time. I move dad between 12 & 17 times a day with no real problems. His grip is amazing. He has told her categorically that he in no way wants a full hoist. He owns his own home and we have to pay for any help. Can he be forced to have the full hoist? Doesn't he have any rights to choose?
Please help with any advice if you can.
The OT shouldn't even enter the house if not invited! That would amount to trespass. I'd let her in ONLY under the condition that drilling the house was NOT to be discussed. Too many people try to boss carers and their carees around, I'm getting increasingly assertive!
Thanks bowling bun. I dud kind of want to sock her one, even more so when she asked if i gad a social worker! I doubtbanyborevious ones woukd talk to me again😆

Does dad have the right to choose how he is moved about even if it coukd be to his detriment? It has been suggested to me that as he has said he doesn't want any new hoist, that they would have to go to court to force the issue. Is this right?

Dad is really distressed by this visit and has gone right into himself. He is not able to do hardly a thing and to take this one use of his legs and arms (which helps keep his strength) away just means he will be totally useless. He would soon lose the ability to drink his tea or eat anything himself. There seems to be no consideration for what he wants nor for my request not to change anything until my husbands surgery is behind us. She is ringing at the end of the week to tell us stock availability. There has been no assessment or discussion about how this could affect his fracture or anything. I feel so helpless. I have been fighting for him now in my 5th year and quite frankly I despise many of the people who are supposed to help. They just seem to waltz in have a snap shot view, rant about health and safety, think they solve a problem when in actual fact they create more.

Sorry needed a rant and there is plenty more where that came from.

Am i alone with these feelings, is it me being a bad carer?

I will where possible fight for what dad wants whether i agree with it or not. Does this make me a bad person? I don't know anymore who to speak to or trust.
No, we need more people like you (and me) to fight these bullies, because that is what they are, make no mistake.
However, I notice you say that there has been NO ASSESSMENT?
That is vey serious indeed.

Write a letter to the Director of Social Services, sent by recorded delivery.
Make a formal complaint,
Say that if any damage is caused to dad, you will hold his department responsible
insist that no further action is taken until
dad has a proper assessment in accordance with the Care Act
You have a Carers Assessment.
Then as neither of you are getting your voices heard, you are each entitled to free advocates to support you.

You don't need to write a long letter, just one side of A4 will be enough to flag up the problem.
To be honest if Dad owns his own house I cannot see how any outside agency can dictate what alterations should be made to his own home without his consent !

You say that the ceilings are old and cracked and you fear that they would not cope with the strain of a ceiling hoist - in that case do you think it might be advisable to get the advice of a structural surveyor ? If they say that the ceilings are not suitable that would add weight to your argument.
Good thinking Susie. Of course if there had been a proper assessment the OTshould have worked this out for herself.
I have to say that IF your father is legally competent (ie, is compos mentes) and IF he anyway has to pay for any 'help' he gets, then what on earth is anyone thinking of saying can 'force' him to accept 'help' he doesn't want?!!!!

We all have a right to live exactly as we choose, even if that is to our own detriment. No one can force us to accept help.

My only caveat would be IF 'the powers that be' decide that he is is NOT 'compos mentes', and therefore could be made a 'ward of court' (or whatever applies to adults) and there is a 'safeguarding' issue. However, to establish this in law, surely your father would be fully entitled to his OWN lawyer to argue that he IS legally competent, in which case he just tell the whole caboodle to take themselves off and multiply (etc!)

It's nobody's damn business how he chooses to live!

Only if he is entitled to 'free' help, can that 'free' help be in a position to dictate just what kind of 'free' help he gets (eg, hoists). But he remains TOTALLY FREE to refuse it and do without.

Wishing you all the best.
I am having the same problems with my husband's social worker, district nurse and the ot. They were all trying to dictate how he should be cared for by the council carers who come in each day and do a great job. Very friendly and caring and get on well with Brian. They wanted them to have him standing in the shower while the carers showered between his legs to try to get his perineal abscess to heal. My argument was that he doesn't have the atrength in his legs at the moment to stand for any length of time. However by them all interfering and, it has to be said, bullying myself and Brian, the carers are to try this on Monday.

They tried to get me to agree to a different reclining chair saying the one that I bought for £400 wasn't suitable. Since no one offered us a riser/recliner when he had the stroke, it was left to me to buy one.

They have also gone on about a seiling hoist just like yours, but I shot them down immediately. We bought our house 10 years ago, knowing it was a pre-fab house built after the war but it has large rooms and an enormous garden in a quiet street and suits us just great. The roof however would never take the strain of a hoist.
I have just had a call from the physio once more saying she has been told that Brian's lack of mobility is causing them concern so she is coming to see him on Friday. I wish they would all stop interfering and leave us alone.