Mum home now, she unsurprisingly developed a urinary tract infection but i mamged to her home as she was desperate by then, unhappy and frightened, shaky, on the verge of delirium, and very weak but still her determined self. The UTI was most likely due to insufficient staff time to remind her to drink, pour her water into her cup, find out why she hadn't drunk every cup of tea she was given. And her fear that there would be no-one free to help her if she did need the toilet, or they'd just use the bedpan or at best commode rather than let her walk so she could regain her strength and het home sooner. Or that she'd be treated unkindly. She also refused to have her usual few daily prunes as had a bad experience with her previous bowel movement on the ward, so also a bit constipated on her return. She's safe back at home now with a great care team and I'm off for a few days away, but must get on with some sort of action on my return to highlight these issues and prevent her at least having to go through all this again the next time.

No carer policy in this hosptial, only if associated with a diagnosis of dementia. Very important to have but does not recognise that many other frail older people could benefit with experienced support too, especially when it is so easily available and on offer.

I know so much is to do with staff shortages due to economic restrictions in the NHS but also allowing staff that are understandably stressed to behave like this is not acceptable, nor is the policy of not allowing me to support my mother according to her needs that could only jave assisted them in the long run had they not immediately seen me as an adversary rather than an ally/useful resource.

Still not sure what is best way to address this but will try CQC, hospital complaints system and maybe MP (in terms of resource issues only). Any other patient and family representative organisation that could help? Any experience with AGE UK?

And apparently I can ask that she is not admitted to same ward, or even to another local hospital (we are half way between). Anyone ever tried this?