Hi! New here, please can anyone advise? ....

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Hi, I hope I am posting this in the correct place!

My wife is chronically disabled, and I have now taken early retirement to care full-time for her (but I have anyway for years, in between having to go to work/travel there, etc.)

My only income now is my pension, which because I am now claiming early is obviously very much reduced to what it would have been if I had worked till the usual retirement age. (approx. £110 pw) My only other is "unearned income" from 3 rental properties my wife and I now own, which we both pay tax on each year on the profit we make after deductions for maintenance, repairs, etc. etc. etc.

Obviously, money is now going to be extremely tight, and I am about to claim Carers Allowance. But does anyone please know if any of the above would be classed as "earned income"?

I have obviously paid into my early pension (for approx. 35 years). We are extremely confused, and any information / advice will be gratefully accepted. IMy "early retirement" date was approx. the 24th April, 2017, but my wife was seriously ill in hospital until the 20 May, so if I do apply for Carers Allowance, should I claim from the 20th May, 2017. ?

I would appreciate anyones advice on this, please. Many thanks,
Kind regards,
Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, I suggest you contact them, they will go through everything with you. Email is usually better than phone, a reply usually comes within a week.