Hi Elaine

You are quite right and I've often had the same thoughts myself. In her younger days, in general, Mum wasn't a selfish person. She always taught me right from wrong and I was by no means spoiled, apart from by my Grandparents!

Suddenly though, since Dad died in 1997, I think she feels more vulnerable. Due to her vulnerability I've never been allowed to grieve for Dad. It all just remains bottled up inside me.

Now Mum is really beginning to turn into a bit of a selfish old lady, dare I say it. It breaks my heart to see her behaving this way when we used to be able to laugh and joke like sisters. (I'm an only child so we've always been close). Now I feel I've lost my right arm, so to speak!

Maybe like you suggested, it just one of the perils of getting old. Thank God I don't have any kids to put this through!

Thank you again for your advice and best wishes.