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Mum being put to bed in care home - Carers UK Forum

Mum being put to bed in care home

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Mum has been in the care home for around two month now, and has told me a couple of times that she feels she is in bed a lot. She suffers from mild dementia but still communicates fairly ok, I often have to observe a situation for a while.

I had asked a carer about being put to bed and they said it was easier before the night shift come on as they have so many people to deal with.

Yet when we had a six week review, I asked the deputy manager about this, and so did the social worker but she denied that she is put to bed early.

However tonight, on my way out after my visit, one of the carers told me that she thought Mum should be put to bed. It was only 6.30 pm, I explained that it was a not Mum's bedtime, and I told her about the conversation with the social worker. Mum had looked quite comfortable with the other ladies sitting in the lounge tonight so I thought it was a shame. The carer told me that because Mam has a sore (she is incontinent also), that it was probably a good idea for her to go to bed.
I am quite puzzled now as I am getting conflicting information, has anyone ever experienced this sort of thing, when they have a loved one in care??
Talk to the Care Quality Commission about this, it's completely out of order to put people to bed at this hour!
Sounds like they are doing it entirely for their own convenience! Is she self-pay? If so, then customer-rules! If she isn't that's a bit trickier....ie, you have less 'clout'.

Just a thought, but with my MIL in the care home I often find her in 'jim-jams', which seems to work well. Ironically, they're not actually HER pyjamas (she only has nighties!), but they are warm 'fleecyette' (Wincyette - anyone remember that?!) and she has cosy slipper on, and a cardy/dressing gown. She's clearly 'ready for bed' but also warm and cosy. That said, she's usually been in her room in front of the TV, rather than in the communal lounge.

If your mum enjoys being in the communal lounge, that is doing her good providing more stiumulation - even if she doesn't talk much, she is observing and hearing - and that has to be good for her mental activity. Dumping her in her room even if the telly is on (is it?) and expecting her to 'put up and shut up' is simply not acceptable.
Linda - quite honestly, care homes do what they want to suit them. My Mum was being put to bed at similar times and then if she woke in the night and needed help she was told off! Who can sleep from about 7pm to the next morning, having also had a sleep in the afternoon?

When Mum went into care we had to fill in a care plan sheet and we said that she likes to go to bed about 9pm and get up about 7.30. They said this was fine but she ended up going to bed at 7pm and being got up, far too early at 6 am because it suited them. If I asked why this was happening they denied it but my Mum had her own clock and knew the time well enough and used to write it in her diary.

To think she was paying a lot of money for this still really annoys me.