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Mum being harrassed by disabled woman. - Carers UK Forum

Mum being harrassed by disabled woman.

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I'm a carer for my Mum whos 83 and she sometimes gets harrassed by a woman whos about 20 and got some type of learning difficulties. Last year My Mum was walking down the street and the woman rode her bike up to her heel and stopped and then when she started walking she did it again and again slamming on the breaks each time. My Mum has mobility problems and can basically do without being intimidated. Also the girl has come up behind her and made remarks about her shoes not fitting her and going on at her etc.
Anywway yesterday she made some remark at me and I went up her carer and explained the situation and told her that she had nearly gone into the back of my Mums legs. The carer basically said she didnt etc, that she had ADHD and that I was picking on her etc. I just said that if there were any further issues then I would be going to the Police. I wont about remarks but I will if she does that with the bike again as it was dangerous.
I appreciate its difficult for the carer but I want her to leave my Mum alone.
Anyone got any other suggestions?
Hi, hopefully the carer will be prepared and on the look out to prevent a further incident, is the young woman always accompanied when out?

If she is out on her bike near your mum again, have your phone ready to video her. Picking on someone works both ways ... Sounds like this young women is picking on the elderly.

Does the carer have a company badge on? It might be worth ringing the office as maybe her carer needs more training and support. If they are a good care company it might be worth the effort but a bad one and you will be wasting your time
When I was a child I was chased by the police and told off for riding my bike on the pavement.
If they can do that to children then I am sure nobody escapes the law when it's being broken no matter whether they have a disability or not. If they are in the charge of their carer then the carer must be responsible, surely.
If the person is a danger with a bike then that bike needs to be confiscated and if it continues to be used in a threatening or dangerous manner then it would be.

I hope your mum has no more of this kind of trouble. The carer seems totally unsuitable for their role as well.
Saying something hasn't happened doesn't make it true.