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Carers Allowance, what a joke! - Carers UK Forum

Carers Allowance, what a joke!

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I have just received an email; asking me to support a campaign to have Carers Allowance raised by £8.50 so it is the same as in Scotland? Why? I will not get it.
I currently get £64.60 a week carers allowance and £36 a week carers premium, total = £100.60
But hang on ............... the government then take £64.60 off my income support BECAUSE I get carers allowance, so actually I am only getting £36 a week for caring for my son............ even though I am saving the government THOUSANDS for doing it.
I would not let the government care for my son, but whats the point of carers allowance and asking for it to be increased if they give me it in one hand then take it out the other ???
Mmmmmm what to do with the extra £36 a week, oooh a holiday? a car? Noooo it wouldn't even cover a day out!
Sorry but I am sooooo annoyed at the government helping carers by paying carers allowance, what a joke !!!
This is the Carers UK campaign that Theresa mentions

https://carersuk.e-activist.com/page/28 ... id=1483971
But why sign it,? Government will only take the extra £8.50 off me just like they take the £64.60 off me, I and a lot of carers will be no better off!
I also say we should get a campaign going that the Government ACTUALLY lets us have the £64.60 a week for caring and NOT give it in one hand and take it out the other !!!!!!!!!
If granted , only 1 in 14 family carers will benefit ... 572,000 / 7,800,000 ... over a million senior citizen carers will still get nothing !

Free public transport for carers is worth far more , and more carers will benefit ... and yet , Carers UK still stay silent on that issue.

Even the number of family carers quoted by Carers UK ... 6.5 million ... is two months out of date ... 7.8 million comfirmed in reports posted in the NEWS section ... Age UK leading the way with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Perhaps their press office should read our forum more often ?
Exactly not all carers will benefit, come on Carers Uk, fight for something that will ACTUALLY help ALL carers !!!!!
Our Lord Kitch.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... rd%20kitch

Take yer pick , plenty to choose from !

All are still valid from a DECADE ago ( CarerWatch ... The Carers Letter. )
Nothing in this morning's main media on the Carers UK backing for CA to rise to the " Scottish " rate.

Second time running this has happened ... one really has to burrow deep on the Internet to find any reports.

Perhaps a few early Christmas cards to the news hounds would help ... the thicker , the better coverage ?