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Hospital Bed at home? - Carers UK Forum

Hospital Bed at home?

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My dear Mum fractured her hip in two places and has been in hospital, then moved onto a care home.

The original plan was for physio, get Mum back on her feet and for her to come home to live with me.

Since then other family members are demanding they want Mum home ASAP, so now Social Services are supplying us with a hospital bed and carers visiting four times a day.

Does anyone else have experience of caring for a bed bound relative? I'm terrified about what it's going to be like.

Mum currently has a cafiter, I assume that will come out. Do I just leave her soiled or wet until the carers arrive? How do I change the bed sheets let alone clothes etc. The last time we had carers I was told they couldn't lift, so how are they going to cope with Mum?

Thanks in advance.
I lived in mum's house when she came home from hospital after being in bed for 6 weeks with urinary tract infection. She didnt have broken bones. Before coming home an occupational therapist evaluated the house and supplied the hospital bed, air matress, slide sheets, bed pans, commode, upright chair, reclining rising chair, wheelchair and hoist. We had two carers, four times a day and district nurses for her bedsores and catheter care. She came home with the urinary catheter and catheter supplies and continence pads supplied by nhs mail order.

You should ask about reablement care, 6 weeks of care provided by the local authority at no cost. The LA should do an assessment on your mum and you. They will also do a financial assessment.

Even with the four visits a day there was still a lot for me to do. I wouldn't let the local authority social worker think you are willing to do too much. You'll be busy enough managing the carers and other stuff.

Dont allow your mum to come home untill you have all the equipment in place! Keep following up with the physical therapy request. Dont let that be forgotten as happened with mum.

I'm just rereading your post. It sounds like your family is pressuring you to take your mum to live at home with you. You are not obliged to care for your mum. Don't be forced into it. Also, you might want to have your mum stay where she is and have the physical therapy start there so that you take her when she is stronger and more mobile.

Regarding hoists, there are two basic type. A sit to stand hoist is for people who can weight bear and then theres a sling type hoist. Those are used to transfer from bed to commode, to chair. The slide sheets are used to move a person up the bed.
Stephen_16071 wrote:
Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:42 am
Since then other family members are demanding they want Mum home ASAP
Question you have to ask yourself is, how do You feel about your mother returning home to be cared for/nursed by yourself.

No disrespect but your family members can demand all they like, the responsibility doesn't rest on them does it?
Unless they intend to put the time in and support you in caring, else why set yourself on fire to keep others warm?

Please read rosemary's post on making sure provisions are in place.

Seconded at reablement care, no idea what the hospital was thinking pushing your mother into a care home instead because it is utterly vital and imperative people with these sorts of injury's are offered rehabilitation else they do become permanently dependent and lose out on best chance of recovery.

Best wishes
YOU are the one in control.
The other lot are "Helicopters, telling others what you should be doing, so they don't have to do it!"

NO ONE can force you to care. I'm a bit short of time right now, just tell us
How old is mum?
Does she own her home, or rent?
Do you live with mum full time? How long for? (Yes, odd question, but very relevant!)
Does mum have over £23,000 in savings?

You are clearly ill prepared for all this. The catheter will stay in if she can't use the toilet, but how is she going to open her bowels? Are you prepared for this level of personal care? Do you really want endless nights of broken sleep because mum wants something and there are no carers to help her?

Do you want to? Has anyone bothered to ask you?[/b]

Make no mistake, you are facing a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT. If mum comes home and doesn't get better, then she is going to need a lot of care for the rest of her life. A friend of mine was caring for his mum until she died AT 104!

I've had many battles with hospitals and social workers about my own mum's care. Fortunately, she is now at peace.

Fight as hard as you like, be as stubborn as you like, to make sure mum gets what she needs, for the moment. And to me, that sounds like it's residential care, where someone is on hand, day or night, to help mum with whateve she needs, especially toiletting.
I just did a very brief scan of a couple of your previous posts. It sounds like your sister who lives 5 mins away makes an hour's visit every 2 weeks and is demanding of you and your mother. Please dont rush back into caring for mum unless you yourself really want to. The LA need to provide the care, not private carers at your expense.

You can have more freedom with your mum being cared for off-site. You decide when to visit and for how long. It's still demanding but not nearly as much as you having mum at home. This could be the chance for you to gain back some of your strength and private life. Please think very hard before you agree. At 71? you could have your mum at home for 20+ years! My mother was 94 when I came to live with her!
Be in no doubt, this is a big commitment. 24 hrs a day. The carers will rush in and back out again. You will be changing sheets etc when they are not there because how can you leave someone you care about in their own mess? It's a steep learning curve and emotionally tough going .... I've just done it for my mum before she agreed to go into hospital. In addition you will be back and forth with food, drinks etc, and you will not be able to leave the house for more than 30mins at a time. My mum is ready to leave hospital and I said NO WAY was I going back to that situation. She is now bed blocking, but thankfully has finally agreed to try a nursing home.
As usual the replies have been really helpful, although a little scary as to what to expect.

It's so frustrating for me, I met our Social Worker with Mum and talked about physio and getting Mum fit and healthy before coming home.

The same night I explained this to my Sister who actually accused me of being stupid and saying she didn't want Mum in a home. The next day she screamed and shouted at the Social Worker and I was taken out the loop.

Two days later, My sister all excited. Were having a hospital bed delivered and four carers in a day. THIS IS THE INTERESTING BIT. You won't have to do anything, I've seen care packages like this before for people who live alone.

At no point has my Sister asked me if I'm willing to take on the task on again,.
Genuine apologies we do not mean to scare anyone, its just immensely frustrating for all of us to have to virtually relive the experience through seeing others being put through a hard time like this.

Going from what you just said, would it be right to assume your sister is now going to be staying with mum 24/7?
As aforementioned by other members the carers won't be there the whole time.. there will be gaps to fill.

Make sure she understands if this doesn't work out the consequences (including being found as cause of neglect) are all on her.. you don't take on the bits you want, you take the whole thing, as they say "warts and all".

If this isn't the case, and this is being dropped on you, you have to say something.

You do have an opinion and it matters. Why is the social worker taking orders from somebody that doesn't even understand physical rehabilitation is not a care home. Absolutely mind boggling...
What are YOUR preferences in all of this??

I have to say that if your sister is shouting at the social workers, it's a clear sign she is not really coping at all with the situation. If I were the social worker, I wouldn't pay attention to a hysterical relative, I'd only pay attention to you, the calm one.

Has your sister always been like this (ie, its her character) or is just the stress of the current situation? Is she older or younger, naturally bossy, or what?
Do I understand from your previous post that your sister and the social worker (without reference to you!) have arranged for mum/bed/carers to come to your house? If so, then I would refuse to accept the bed without further discussions regarding reablement etc.