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moving into supported living

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I am currently caring for my 87 yr old mum who lives with me and my family. After 10 years and I cant physically and mentally carry on although the love for mum wants me to I can't. Mums social worker has informed me she is only eligible for supported living, as she can toilet and wash herself. mum is registered blind, falls risk, has all meals and drinks made, help needed for a shower. medication support.
She has no savings, a state pension and attendance allowance.
The bombshell has been dropped on mother by myself and my sister, what an emotional situation, she understands fully why, but doesn't want to be on her own without her family. My kids and husband are distraught but its the best for everyone and we will support each other to allow mum to adjust and hopefully carry on for many more years.
I have a meeting book with a complex/home manager Monday, however sat here yet again crying Im trying to find the answers to many ???
How will mum manage financially ? NO SAVINGS. what will be payed for ? I know she will get some financial support but what and how much.
OMG the time ahead is going be an emotional roller coaster, Any advice and answers would be greatly appreciated.
My son is in supported living, he is disabled, benefits are his only income. His housing benefit is paid for entirely by the council, and they pay it directly to the Landlord. Mum is presumably already claiming Attendance Allowance and her old age pension, topped up with Income Support or similar?
Are you mum's attorney or DWP appointee?
The social worker should have done a new Needs Assessment for mum, and Carers Assessment for you, with copies sent to each of you. Have you seen them? Only after these have been seen and agreed, and there's a discussion about what will suit mum best, and a personal budget set, should there be any talk of any placement. Has all this happened?!
That's my own experience. Look at the Care Act for information. Contact our CUK helpline for definitive information.