Mothers single overnight stay in hospital

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My mother was rushed into hospital on Tuesday I took all her meds and notes from her gp who made a home visit I stayed with her until 10pm from going in at 830 first thing I asked was for a air bed for her bed sores which I was told it would be on order this coming from an HCA not a nurse.
Visited her 9am and found her on a normal bed and in pain no meds giving at all she has a long standing mental health problem she was very confused and upset she had only been home since staying in 12 weeks and put on new drugs.
Finally at 1.35pm got a discharge sheet with the all clear and no need for any action or new drugs.
Spoke to the nurse in charged at 3pm asking what the hold up was ? As we needed hospital transport was told it was booked 4 hour window and that she needed drugs ??? I showed them the discharge sheet and said read this no new meds and the answer I got was oh we was told different she was having a new drug.
I asked where the air bed was ? Nothing from the

nurse so I went to the main desk and I lost it big
Style I did swear using the p word saying how fed up I was with the way she was treated and lack of care .
I gave her the meds at 2pm myself yet more and more confusion from mum.
At last came home at 6pm and guess what a cannula still in her arm ???
Rang the ward and they said get the carers to take it out well the care term are not allowed to cut her hair or nails.
So I rang the local community team and 9pm a RGN came to take it out .
A complaint will go in as this is not experience I wish on anyone .

Very angry and upset
Just another day in the life of a carer I never went too university for 3 years I'm just an unpaid person who looks after my dear old mother :dry: :roll:
Paul, not surprised you are fuming. Your poor Mum. Definitely put in a complaint.

Definitely complain, it's the only way of making sure that ohers aren't treated the same way, or mum, on her next admission. I find the most effective way is to ring the hospital and ask to speak to the Chief Executive. Then you get to speak to the CEO's PA, who then tells CEO. Remember the CEO is the ultimate boss, and any displeasure may affect someone's career prospects, and their pocket, so it can hurt!
Hospitals can be fined by the DoH for "unsafe discharges", so be sure to use the word "unsafe" during your conversation.
Before you speak to CEO write down everything that went wrong. I know the CUK website has full details of discharge procedures which must be followed, sounds like they well all totally ignored.
Make notes of what the CEO says, write down exactly what he says he's going to do, and when. The air bed must surely be at the top of the list?
Once you've done all this, write to the Care Quality Commission and tell them too - you can email them I think. Your mum won't be an isolated case at this place, I'm sure.
That is dreadful, Paul. Yes, definitely complain.

My cousin recently put in a complaint against an anaethetist at our local hospital via PALS. She received an initial response within 7 days, followed up with a meeting and written apology by the individual. Well worth trying.

Hope your mum (and you) are OK now,
My mum had a very rare, bad condition with her back, permanently bent double, like spondylosis only different. She was admitted to hospital while I was away on holiday with my disabled son. Although they had all my details on file, they wouldn't speak to me on the phone so I had to cancel the holiday and come home.
I arrived at the ward next day to be told mum was ready for discharge - but I knew her Zimmer frame was still in her hall at home, and there was no Zimmer by her bed. I asked if they had seen her walk? No, but she was ready for discharge!
I insisted that she had an NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment before she went anywhere. Discharge nurse pulled a face as if to say "Dammit, she knows!" She then said in that case mum would have to stay in over the weekend as they wouldn't be able to get it all done that day (Friday of course, everyone beware Friday discharges, it just means that they want the bed back and will make all sorts of promises about equipment which has been ordered, but of course doesn't arrive until the following week, if you are lucky)
Physiotherapists went to see mum, she went from being "ready for discharge" to being banned from even trying to stand up, all transfers must be hoisted with two nurses. I get really annoyed when I hear about "bed blockers" because I'm sure most of the people concerned are NOT "ready for discharge" at all.
After this admission, my mum spent a total of five months in various hospitals before being moved to a nursing home for the rest of her life.
It's so important to know that any elderly person should be properly assessed, but hospitals often accidentally on purpose forget because they have target times to get all patients in and out again, and they can't meet those targets if the assessment is done properly.