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Mother who met PM asks to put disabled daughter into care - Page 11 - Carers UK Forum

Mother who met PM asks to put disabled daughter into care

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The current legal position with direct payments means that the majority of carers couldn't be employed in that way. Add to that the fact that some carers manage the payment (capacity issues) creating a potential conflict of interest, the fact that carers who are well capable of doing the work they do now would then need to be trained to meet legal requirements...etc. And then there's the classic family argument and "you're sacked"...

It may sound simple, Excalibur, but sometimes simple is deceptive.
Just as the words of my co-worker just silenced me,such was their wretched negativity,so,im rendered speechless,often,by the fantastic bond of care carers here show for those they care for.I think theres dedication life-affirming stories here in spades.

Every carer,regardless of who he or she cares for,parent,relative,spouse freind,partner,is just fantastic in my book.EVERYONE a true gem!.

I do feel that theres a unique bond of care of a parent for his or her child and then a very deep bond between mother and child.A woman carries that soul within her,that life.What a bond!.

The womb is the ultimate place of care of nurturing.

No Mum chooses abortion without agonised consideration.iM SURE OF THAT.

And,with child in womb,discovering the life to be will be one with health issues lasting throughout a lifetime,often an alltoo short life time,what an awfull decision to face.

To terminate the pregnancy or not.

Its a wretched thing.

So,in the case featured in the media this week,when it just gets too much to bear without the support needed,I can see how despairing it has become.

For ANY parent,to be driven to levels of despair of that nature,its too wretched to contemplate.
It degrades us as a society when ANY carer is denied the help THEY need due to costs savings,cuts etc.

It just STINKS!,to be frank.
Yep Maxi it does stink
Sorry, Daisy, I didn't mean to upset anyone with my comment.
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As a precaution I am locking it till Gavin and Matt can have a look at it on Monday.

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Direct payments - individual budgets are all means tested .. this will result in many paying for their own care from private , occupational , or war pensions = the care element of war disabled pensions is very low in our case , the old doll gets the day rate of constant attendance allowance from M.O.D. = £55 per week , and the balance from the D.W.&.P. about £15 per week , she does get war pensioners mobility supplement , which she uses for her car , she is now paying for her care indirectly as she "helps me out "..... if we ever go down the route of medically testing all disabled to see what care they need ( which we never ever will) the cost of care provided by the state should be ascertained , the family if they so wish should be , not encouraged to provide care at home , but if they are willing able and capable to give good quality care,should be supported in doing so , they should be paid a % of the going rate , about 2 years ago we contacted various care homes, and the cost of care was from £900 - £1-300 per week , even allowing for the elderly disabled person giving up part of their pension`s the cost to the state for us would have been well over £3-000 per month as we have no home or savings , all i receive at the moment is £53 per week , as i have a private occ pension , the cost to the state for many elderly disabled will be well over £3-000 per month as they may have just the basic state pension .....
So what you are saying, George, if I have read your post correctly, is that your income is too high for you to be able to top it up with means-tested benefits and your mother's income and/or capital is too high for her to be entitled to free care?
YES ,BUT WHAT IS HIGH???my total occ pension income is just about the same as the state pension, i also receive the carers allowance.. the state have said that my own "income" is to high for me to receive any other benefits such as I.S. H.B. council tax relief the only other benefit i get is the 25% council tax discount, my total benefit claim as a scrounger is about £56 per week .. I / We have no savings and dont own our home , the old dolls war related pensions are disregarded for H.B & council tax relief , and as a war widow her state pension which should be the full pension as she paid full N.I. is reduced to £35 per week, she uses her pensions to support me for providng her care she is indirectly paying for her own care ... which as far as i`m concerned the state should be at least helping with ... her constant attendance allowance and mobility allowance is used for her care .... the war pension is not for care it is paid to many who have suffered an injury or ilness due to service within the armed forces , many disabled servicemen/woman after injury can not take up good paid employment many end up in dead end jobs ,

the local authoruity once said to me the problem is , you and the family are pension rich but asset poor , therefore we cant help you financialy..

we all know of the litle old lady who owns her home,has savings under £20-000, and has just the state pension she can receive many benefits that a war disabled pensioner who rents can not, pension credit for one...
You will be aware, George, that people in receipt of the State Retirement Pension are not entitled to Carers Allowance so arguably you are better off than, for example, a parent who has cared for a disabled child since birth and reaches State Pension Age only to lose his/her Carers Allowance, he/she will also not have been in a position to pay into an occupational pension so one might say that he/she is doubly disadvantaged by his/her caring role.
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