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Mother who met PM asks to put disabled daughter into care - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Mother who met PM asks to put disabled daughter into care

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riven has been having problems with coping for a while now,what i DIDNT pick up from the coverage on daytime tv this morning was that her youngster also has severe epilepsy on top of the what is visual problems and she herself suffers from MS
i am on other forums that she is on.

i am very pleased to hear this story go out on national tv and papers. the reply from cuk was good but does not cover the rest of us who care for the same amount of time and in just as much demand. it should not be just about cutting support for families but for all carers . on this i was very disappointed that cuk just mentions families with disabled children. comments like that splits carers and causes problems. perhaps every carer should write there weekly care load down and this should then be given to cameron perhaps then he will realise just how much every carer does
I did notice, I think it was the Daily Mirror report, that she has MS.It does make it even more shocking,if 6 hours respite is all this lady gets.Also, if her other children help out, they are young Carers. The news hasn't said anything about this possibility.
David Cameron does not seem to be getting the message though.
Paul, I did see someone on Sky news talking about all Carers. Pointing out that we are all struggling with the services and lack of them.She referred to Carers UK while she was speaking.
You are so right, it is such a struggle for all of us and getting worse, the worry about benefits is making it even more stressful than usual.
i did hear that too, my concern is that cuk's did not mention all carers and it is not all about disabled children. i do hope that she gets more help however alot of us get no help what so ever. there also said that the care money is ring fenced which i believe it is not. perhaps cuk can confirm weather it is all not..
The Press flagged this one as its a sick-child-story,heart-tugging,news worthy.The Left-wing press found a good one to bash the government with.

As so often,too often,a story of great personal sadness is splashed all around print media,24?7 rolling news,Radio,Tv,the net.

All in 24 hours,then,its so-much history,so-yesterday.

How much real good comes of it,i dont know.I just feel it "USES".Uses the people affected.

I guess,by consent or not,its a trade-off,press splash highlights the case,makes issue the days talking point,Five-Live certainly ran it bigtime today!.its the stuff of sounbites,phone-in,voxpop views from the public,the usual routine.

Today,Labour,as a bi-product to it all,scored,in the view of some,one over on the government.

I guess Alan Johnsons resignation from the shadow cabinet will balance that tomorrow as the government parties score over Labours squirming on that one.

As Scarlet O,Hara put it:"Tomorrow is another Day".As I put it: "Tomorrow,another story!".

BUT THERES A FAMILY SUFFERING.Before the media shifts its attention elsewhere in quick time,I really do hope this family gets the help they need.
Paul - when we talk about families we mean ALL families not just disabled children. Sorry if you did not feel that was clear enough. Statement was written in a hurry and probably not checked over as much as we would like. We have to work fast on days like this. But I can assure you we have been making that very point all day. All carers need help.

The person on Sky news was Imelda our CEO - also been on Channel 4 news, day break and BBC news 24.

The fact that this is the first real story to come out and show that there are people out here with real problems and not just benefit scroungers makes me say "and about time."

The fact that this puts a family in absolute desperation in the public eye makes me say "why should this mum have to have been so desperate for help?"

The fact that so far the politicians are ducking and weaving makes me want to spit.

The CUK release is a good one and focuses on the specific issue at hand - the one that Riven Vincent is campaigning on and although I have some sympathy for Paul's concern it would be wrong to try to hijack Ms Vincent's campaign in that way. A better way might be to follow it up with a wider remit to keep the focus on carers in desperate situations across a broader range of needs. Either way it's difficult.
ITS GREAT that we see this issue in the headlines,even for a day or two.I just hope it makes some real difference in the lives of those affected.that does not allways follow.
thank-you for that matt. i do understand that it was a rushed statement. and charles i am not saying that anyone should hijack her coverage in anyway. however it could have been better put and just impiles that it is just those with children that need help. i hope she gets more help but we have to remember and get accross that it is not just those with children who need help.
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