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Mother who met PM asks to put disabled daughter into care - Carers UK Forum

Mother who met PM asks to put disabled daughter into care

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This was forwarded to me :

[quote]Just before midday today, a Bristol mother called Riven Vincent announced to the internet]

read in full
Must have cut the press hearts out to have to print this story in favour of yet another benefit scrounger, disabled playing golf tale.
Is it on the front cover of the right wing press? If so they will have to double up next weeek on the scrounger tales.
Internet and radio are full of this vicky. Some newspapers are asking for further stories like this.
Its the perfect storm isnt it?
That said she can expect the gutter press to be tapping her phone, emptying her bins, and trying to prove it was a political set up. Journalism is a tawdry, dirty business these days, isnt it, and it isnt just film stars and celebrities who get put through the wringer.
Yesterday, as has been reported, I called my social worker to tell her I wanted to start looking for a full-time residential care home for my six-year-old daughter, Celyn, who has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. I'd just received a letter from social services saying they was no chance of any more than the six hours respite care we receive currently.

I never imagined I would get to this point and it's the last thing we want for her but we just can't see any other option. Caring for my daughter is relentless. She needs someone 24 hours a day
Statement from Riven Vincent
I can see this happening more and more in the future,as councils change support,and if families lose essential benefits to help support their child with a disability(whatever age the child is, not just under 18 ).
Plenty of comments about this on the Carers UK Facebook page.
Too many press stories to put here. I cannot remember a carer story that got as much press coverage as this. All major newspapers covering it, some on front page, TV news too. Very busy day here, our "press office" phone not stopped (Also known as "Steve's phone" Image )

Do google news search on "Cameron + care" for some of the stories
National day of protest then?!!
[quote]Statement on the Vincent family

The case of Riven Vincent and her family today highlights the dangers for families, society and the economy of failing to invest in care which supports families caring for disabled relatives.

Imelda Redmond CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK said, "We get calls every day from carers who are pushed to breaking point, feeling like they have to battle for every bit of support they get. And yet families like them save the state a staggering £87 billion a year. For the sake of a few hundred pounds a month, the local authority would be paying thousands in care costs, not to mention the emotional damage done to a family who has tried to cope against all odds.

This is a critical time for families, like the Vincent family, as local authorities are forced to make massive cuts and the axe hangs over care and support services. Carers UK has launched a Support Families]
110 posts