mother is put out of temporary accommodation by local counc

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My mother was in tomporary accommodation for 6 months. She became homeless again living in a room sharing with 7 others. This making my mother more depressed. She looks older than age. She is waiting for the results of the review from her solicitor. Social services visited my mum and told her as she is in temporary she will lose the direct payment as the card cannot be done by me. We are worried as she redirected her mails which will run out soon. Her clothes goods are in 3 different places. She is forgetting what she has. She is 66 heart prob,ems and other ills. She is deteriorate very badly. I am worried. The council say she is not priotity she is nt thir responsibility not disabled enough. Dianne her carer.
Hi Dianne,

I'm sorry things have got even worse, the whole situation sounds a nightmare, all because of one unscrupulous landlord.

Is there nothing private available for a similiar rent to what she was paying before, even if it is smaller than you'd like for her?

Did you contact Shelter and Age Concern for advice?

I don't understand why your Mum can't receive direct payments to pay you for her care as you are not living under the same roof. I would check this with the helpline ASAP.
Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. 0808 808 7777* If you can't get through, email them and ask for a call back on

Hi Melly, Thanks for your advice I will ring tomorrow on number given. Another problem today. Mum found a room in another. borough her previous told her find somewhere get landlord tenancy agreement and they will up date records. They are now saying she mum should claim in borough where she live. This room is temporary whilst the review is going on. This is too much for. The landlord want his rent.

This is all way out of my knowledge and experience. Talk to the helpline tomorrow and remember if you can't get through email them and request a call back.

Thinking of you and your Mum,