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Hi All,

I have mail before about mother- in -law. She won't have help from anyone. The other week she didnot take her milk in,so the mikman rang the police they had to break in,as she was laying on the floor. They called in the crisis team and the hospital folks to try to advice her to come in for a few days,she refused.

The doctor was called and she did'nt want her in,she called Social services in to try and help.
She is getting dirty and can't pepare food for herself,keep her home clean. She just won't have any help to stay in her rented home by herself. Without help this doesnot seem possible.

The social worker called the other morning,as she did agree to them putting a key safe on the front door so folks with the number can get in. It would seem she couldnot get the the toilet quick enough all over the sheets,the carpets and herself. The sheets were changed,but what is the point of that when she is still in the dirty gown and night dress,because she won't let anyone help her with the shower etc. They can't do anything for her against her will.
Afer awhile of trying they will no doubt move on to the next case,a person who really wants help. What ever will happen to her in the end,almost as if they will just die.What ever will happen in the end. Sonia
hi sonia this is so upsetting for you
Your mom in law has lived on her own and had to do things for herself its hard for someone like that to admit they need help infact she knows deep down she needs help but she is scared to ask she thinks if she does she is a failure worthless so its going to be difficult .
So sonia you need to get to the root why she does not wont help but don't pressusised her it might take a while and try not to get to upset when you see her messy etc
I know you will for i would but try to stay calm
Sonia what does your hubby think after all she is his mom? I am sure you mentioned to her how you feel and what its doing to your health? if not do so but gently please look after yourself and let me know how you get on. coffeex