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motability so helpful

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18 months ago I had a problem with my hip/knee found it difficult to drive, when talking to Motability re v 103 for trip to Belgium just mentioned problems with manual gears ,, within a week they gave us permission to change car for automatic 18 months into contract ...2 weeks ago I was asking Motability if they would allow me to fit platform on rear of car to carry scooter as it was to big to fit inside , following day they asked if the scooter would fit in any other car , checked web sites and found one V.W. estate automatic this car could carry scooter without the need to drop the rear seats which we had to do with the c max new car delivered within the week , again just 18 months into contract ....
Brilliant news!! So good to hear of people, listening, understanding, and doing something. You must be so pleased.
100 people per week have to give up the Motability car due to loss of disability benefits I am not 100% sure but was told since 2010 just 7 war disabled veterans have lost the mobility allowance ...
Delighted you have received such excellent customer service. Usually we only hear the horror stories.

It is disgusting that any benefits be taken from war veterans. My dad is 94 and regularly says he was treated better in a German PoW camp than he is by our SS.

Wishing you and your mam many happy motoring miles.xx
Poppett, their SS treated him better than our SS!