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Our motability vehicle will be a year old next month and I still have only driven it the once. I really will need to take a shot of driving it. Its just that its so big! Our previous vehicle was 13 years old and had to be scrapped - the rust was what was holding it together! it was a Nissan Vanette Cargo Cruiser with a tailgate lift but it didn't have enough headroom for Robert reversing out in his powered wheelchair and we used to have to lean on his head to get him out - not very good for Rob.

This vehicle we have now is a silvery gold Renault Master, short wheelbase and a tailgate lift. Its so big Robert can do a three point turn in his wheelchair inside it. However it takes Rob in his powerchair, my unfolded mobility scooter and all the shopping so the size of it is what we really need.

was an L reg Renault Espace and she worked like a pack mule. we moved house with her and a tqiler, she towed our old caravan all over the place, we moved everything form fridges and three pieces to party food for 18th and 21st birthday parties. Often carried six adults three dogs and complimentary trailer full of associated luggage on our bi annual trips to cornwall. But she did cost us a bit one way and the other and ehn the cylinder head went that was that.
We have been very interested in the comments people have made about "deals" on their old motability cars "Sapphire" - yes we've christened her, has already won our hearts and we can't bare the thought of letting her go in three years time lol! Does anybody know the sort of offers one gets? We've seen a few posts here and there that suggest a price of 5-6,000 is not uncommon, does this sound about right? One of the reasons we went for motability now is I have received a small inheritance, otherwise we would not have been able to afford the top-up, the thing is our mortgage will mature just before the next agreement runs out so we will be in a fine position to purchase our car or put in for a new one, depending how we find the agreement.
One thing we have wondered is how do people mamage with mobilty scooters if they select the smaller models, hubby's normal scooter is in for repair at the moment and the complimentary one is much heavier, and does not fold down so well, can't imagine how people manage to get them in and out of smaller cars.
I have a leased renault with fold out ramp. It is insured in hubby's name with me as named driver. But I also have my old Zafira, which I'm reluctant to let go, as its a great runner and is nicknamed the tardis! The lease for the renault is up in 3 years time, and I will have to make a decision then on whether it is the right use of the mobility allowance, as hubby is getting more and more reluctant to go out anywhere.
I use the renault when I go shopping, as well as with my hubby.
Spoke with the Motability people today and basically the reassured me that while the car has to be available for hubby in the firt instance it is ok for me to do thing like give my children a lift, or take my Mum to her day centre etc. The way they see it is that is part of the normal family activity and that supporting that supports the disabled person. They explained wher epeople go wrong is offering lifts to friends etc which has no bearing on the disabled person so that really put our minds at rest


In the last half an hour hubby has rung for the local Asda store to say he coud smell smoke and it looked as if there was some sort of problem from near the rear of the car close to the exhaust. he called the fire brigade and RAC as a precaution, The fire brigade say they think it is just that the car is vry new and some of the manufacturing coatings are burning off. Now he is waiting for the RAC just to make sure. EEEKKK Scary stuff when you hav never had a new car before.
In the last half an hour hubby has rung for the local Asda store to say he coud smell smoke and it looked as if there was some sort of problem from near the rear of the car close to the exhaust. .
Look, I do realise you are fairly new to this game. Have you taken the plastic shrink-wrapper off the new car, dear? Image Image Image Image Obviously they dont call you "Firebelle" for nothing... Image Image Image Welcome to the lazy crazy world of C-UK ... dont worry, you will fit in just fine. Image
Well hubby came home and said the RAC man had never been out to a car that was so new lol! Apparently the probelms is some underseal or something that was sprayed on the exhaustst and was buring off. The RAC man said it should have been cleaned off the exhaust before we got it. Anyway we rang the dealership toda and they said we have two otions we can let it burn off in it's own time, or we can take it bcck to be scrapoed off. As we re due to go to cornwall on saturday we have decided that should be a long enough journey to burn it off naturally.
I've been on motobility since my kids were school age, they are not in their 20's. I change my car every 3 yrs, never have a problem, yes I drop them off and pick them up, its all about getting around and living your life. You are part of that life. xx

I drive a ford s max, they helped me with the deposit, they also helped me learn to drive years ago as my husband had to give up driving due to his medical condition, its the best thing I ever did