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... our old car had to be sent to the scrapheap a couple of weeks ago, and we decided to try the motability scheme as we are fed up with only beiong able to afford cars that always go form us to the scrapheap and beed an arm and a leg spent on them just to keep them on the road (well most of the time). The thing is our car is the FAMILY car, and I see on the small print the motabilty scheme is only siupposed to be used by the person getting the mobility benefit or for thier benefit. The thing is my Mum has alzeimhers, hubby has DLA with higher rate mobility, my daughter and son are both disabled with each receiving the lower rate of mobilty an needing regular lifts etc.
How have others coped with the scheme? It seems a bit inflexible, are there no organisations, socila workers etc that look at a family as a whole and can understand some families have multiple disabilities?

If your hubby has the higher rate of mobility allowance you can get a vehicle. It doesn't matter who drives the car, just tell the car company you go to that "X" will drive the car on behalf of "Z". They will then arrange insurance etc.
My wife gets the higher rate of mobility allowance, she does not have a licence, and we have a car paid for by giving up the £49 per week mobility allowance. I am the "named"person for insurance.
Hello again,

i forgot to say, the car should be used for "tasks" for the person getting MA. However, that includes shopping, vistiting friend, family etc, (anything that the "disabled" person would wish to do). My wife is in rehab next week, and I'll take the opportunity to see my parents, using the car, my wife would do that if she was able, so I am going to see them on her behalf.

Thanks for the reply, I can see how it worls if I am doing something for my husband, but my query is how on earth am I now supposed to keep the rest of the family mobile. For instance when we had a wreck I would take my Mum (alzeimhers sufferer) to her day centre, or give my daughter (disabled on lower rate mobility) an occassional lift to work. But looking at the motability terms this would not be allowed as it is not for my husbands benefit. Seems they would expect us to run two cars when we could not really afford one!
Sounds as if hubby would have to travel with you whenever you are helping out another family member. I am sure there are ways round it if you contact motability directly and explain your problems. Perhaps an extension to the insurance policy?

Take care
I dont know if they still do it but Motorbility had a scheme wherein you could buy the car instead of lease it.Not sure if this would get round your problem but worth checking.
Like Meg says, contact them direct.There has to be others who have had this problem too.
Thanks Rosemary having looked at all the paperwork again it does look as if there may be a way of asking them to increase the insurance cover so we will check this out. Unfortunately I have been nill for a few weeks and hubby has had to sort this out and he doens; read small print quite as closely as I normally do but it does look as if there is some provision to overcome this sort of thing. We have got a Vauxhall Zafira, I drover her for the first time today - very scary when the most we have ever spent on an old banger in the past is £1,500. It's an amazing feeling thankfully iot handled really well, and I am sure we will all fall in love with the car. It's black with silver trims and sparkly bits in the paint and being a typical woman, all I'm really taken by is the pretty sprinkles lol! I love the idea of central locking that works too, not often I;m out late but when I am I do like to feel safe.
We have got a Vauxhall Zafira, .
Snap Image .Mine is maroon,old shape, a bit tattered and heavy mileage but does me.This is the 4th one we have had.Others were spanking new motobility ones.Obviously last new one was returned when mam died but we had used same garage for years and one of the fellas there did me a real good deal on my present used one.
If I am lucky next year to be in a position to change cars, it will be a Zafira again.
I cant believe this! Mine is a Zafira too, blue, ... #2, the first was bought from new in mid 1999, stolen in 2000 with 10k on the clock and replaced with a new one by the insurance, this one has 126,000 miles on the clock and still going like a (geriatric) steam train, well with the wind behind it anyway, gasping and wheezing. Many is the time it has carried 6 giggling schoolgirls to a prom ball, an old fridge to the recycle centre, complete household contents to help kids move flat, or a few bikes and suitcases on the roof pod plus happy travellers off on their jolly hols... last month I drove two second hand motorised mobility scooters 350 miles down south as a 60th wedding anniversary pressie for my parents. This thing can swallow almost anything...
It is now so full of old lost pennies, chewing gum and beach sand from many journeys from Cornwall to Orkney that it carries at least an extra cwt. of garbage..
The central locking and CD player are long gone with the wind... but the engine still delivers 90 mph.
I carry the spare wheel in the boot, the below-boot carrier is useless.
The petrol tank is dented and sucks horribly when you open it ... the paintwork survives , with the odd bend and dent from fair wear and tear.
I've also blown a cylinder head gasket when the drive chain broke, that was expensive.
One day my son asked me what the beast was called and I said Rodney.... I'm sure the auld yins here can guess why... three wheels on my wagon....

We should start a thread on cars... they develop a personality all of their own with age, dont they?

We have a Zafira Exclusiv, metallic silver. Cavenous boot is the only way I can describe it.

I like the Air Con as my wife likes a "coldish" ride as she doesn't travel too well.

Only had it for a couple of months.