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morphine patches for pain? - Carers UK Forum

morphine patches for pain?

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My husbands GP suggested the above. I was initially ambivalent but if it would help control the pain it is worth a try? My main worry is that he is not good at obeying the instructions and from my research, it appears to be necessary to follow safety precautions to avoid overdosing. He is 78.

I would do my best but he is very difficult. I just wondered if anyone had tried them for someone they cared for and how they coped. At the moment, he cannot get up the stairs and the pain in the back seems to be osteoarthritus.........

I cannot easily monitor as I constantly get ' stop treating me as if I have dementia'. My only way forward I feel is ask the GP to tell us both what we have to do - only problem is that husband is a bit deaf! If he has 'mental capacity' surely he should be able to read and follow the instructions? He goes through stages where he thinks he knows better than the professionals though.

Thanks for reading. Kitten room coming on ok. Got nowhere with bed downstairs as he won't clear his room which is quite small, partially due ot him building book cases which stop door from closing and also ones over the radiator. I shall keep on working on clearing the shed and then if SS do become involved, at least I have somewhere to his junk move to.
I change my grannys patch weekly same day every week .the patch is controlled to realase morphine every hour so its safe as its the prescribed dose of gp and i just have to change it weekly. Is this the same one do you think? I had a fear when i was asked at the start would i change it as you had concerns but like this weekly patch everything was fine.they have stopped her painkillers by mouth and changed it to patch.but im sure each individual is different.speak to district nurse about your concerns or gp to talk it over
Thanks Stacey - sounds quite reassuring> Not sure about dose but I would guess GP would start off on the lowest dose to control the pain. He does not have a district nurse - still waiting for one to sort out his bed/pressure sore. I will talk to him again and if he still wants to go ahead, make an appointment with the GP, and ask for more information. Has it helped your grandma's pain? I feel that it is worth a try.
My mum often had patches towards the end of her life, better than medication for a very sensitive stomach. Might even have a slightly calming effect on your OH?! Chase up the District Nurse about the bedsore, these can get worse so quickly, and can be difficult to heal. It might also give you an ally for managing him.
Yes it controls her pain loads she doesnt be in pain now. Shes bedridden though as shes unable to walk and has to be hoisted but she wont use a hoist but she has no pain.shes comfortable tho being managed with morphine. Its worth loking into for your husband tho cause its a good way to control pain without taking all the meds.defo contact gp as matter of urgency for them to send out a nurse demand you need one before bed pressure sores get worse as it can get so bad. Good luck