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I am starting this thread because I have accidently deleted a thread started by a member called "carersgroup".

I have PM'd the person and hope they will post it again but in the meantime this is the gist of what they were asking.

This person has a carers support group that meets once a month. Some people are suggesting that the group should also include the 'cared-for' person, perhaps for days out etc. However others feel that the group is the only chance carers get to be away from their caring situation and be themselves and say what they like.

What do carers on this forum think? Are you part of a carer support group?

Matt, this has always been "one of those" questions. I can only give my experience in my area.

Some carers will not go anywhere without the person they care for, others want a break from caring. So we tell everyone that the group is intended for carers but that if they choose to bring the person they care for they are welcome to do so. Only a few do - in one case a couple who care for each other - but the principle should always be that the carers group welcomes all carers and sets as few barriers to coming along as possible.
I was asked five years ago by our surgery to form a Carers Group, this has now been running for five years, has the largest membership in Norfolk, is financially viable due to energetic fundraising etc., but now the idea has been mooted to include the Cared for person for trips and outings. It has also been queried whether we need to hold a large balance of funds in the bank but as everyone knows money is hard earned and not easy to replace. I and a lot of others believe that the Carer needs a few hours each month to relax and laugh whilst being their normal selves without that onerous yoke around their neck. I will just add that I have been a 24/& Carer for nearly eighteen years. Your comments please as I believe this is not just our group's problem but a general one that needs airing.
I am part of a Carers Group here and it's always been for Carers only! Image
I kinda like the fact I have 'some time out' each month with other people in the same boat. Image
Hello Carersgroup

Welcome to the forum!

I do not know of any groups in my area that have such a joint group for Carers and Carees, but in my opinion I would probably be able to get to them more if there were, but then again it wouldn't be much respite for the Carer as Marie has said. Though maybe would work for a couple (husband and wife) or like relationship to bring togetherness.

Well done to you for starting such a group.

Take care
Maryann x
Remember it's not just about a break. For some it's about escaping four walls, having the chance to do things together - one size cannot fit all.

But shouldn't a carers group be trying to make it possible for ANY carer to attend - not only the ones who want a break, or only those who want to be with the person they care for, and have a social life as a couple?
I accept what's been said, but aren't there other ways for couples to spend time together out of the Carers Group?
I thought about it and personally don't want to share this time with other Caree's it's probably the only time away from caring responsibilities that I have once a month and I'm quite precious about it. Image
I think if both Carers and Caree's want to spent time together, it should be a seperate group from other Carers who treasure and really need the time away.
I understand that, Marie. And perhaps it is possible - but not everywhere can sustain more than one group. It depends on the area, I suppose, and on the "dynamics" of the group. As long as everyone can agree on the group's running, it's fair enough whatever the carers decide.
I have followed the postings that have been made and Marie66 echoes my views completely, we do spend an awful lot of time under one another's feet and conversation is hard to make very often. We can always go out anywhere together (Personal circumstances obviously come into play), shopping is an obvious trip. I do not think that a couple of hours per month in the company of other Carers to relax, laugh, etc is a lot to expect, this amounts to appx 26 hours out of 8760 hours in a year, a mere .3%. This stimulation must surely give a Carer a boost in carrying on their onerous very often unrecognised task. On a downbeat note I did hope this might have brought forth more postings.
Hi carersgroups,

I am sorry you feel not enough replies were given to your thread.For me personally, the reason was, although my caring covers 30+ years I have no experience of carers groups.Maybe the same applies to other members.
I was not aware or should say never went looking for support locally and even when I did find out about them it was impossible for me to attend.
With family support, I always had a few hours to myself on a Friday night to do as I wished,be that just relax or catch up with friends.It was nice to have that time and also meant that I could share any of my friends' news with my mam.She loved hearing about their lives.Pam,my best friend, would even phone my mam on a Friday afternoon to ask if I was "playing out".. Image .Considering Pam and I are both over 40 ( well over ),mam loved the banter.
I am glad you started this thread though, as it has been interesting to read the comments made by other members.

This just a thought but do you think it would be worth doing another thread actually asking members if they attend a support group and if they dont asking the reason why not? It would follow on from here and hopefully raise some issues that will benefit groups in their task to be more accessible.We already know many of them but something new might crop up.I would welcome your comments.

Take care