more distrust and crap

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seems to me,as an onlooker here,that you just dont need this stuff.shabby treatment like this you dont need.
LittleRachet,no, nothing was done.They took him down to the police station to be interviewed, we were not allowed to attend. At a stage 2 complaint, we found out the interview should have been taped,but guess what,the video camera was broken.Before we got to a stage 3 compleint, they messed up his Diabetes needs so badly that had to take precedence as they put his life at risk(now acknowledged by them),and this one went to stage 3, but then my younger son started to have much more issues with his health and a year later died. Since then,Social Services have avoided me completely, and I would prefer it that way.
Love and hugs, grannyDaisy.