more distrust and crap

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good for you, little Rachet.
It will cost them a lot to bring trained staff in for the medication. Perhaps they will respect you a little bit now.
you deserve respect.i do hope that this is afforded you.
Well done, littleratchet.
Good girl littler Image
Great, good on yer.

See, they don't like it when we stick up for ourselves and kick up a fuss. They want an easy life all the time.
Good stuff, girl.
not so fast it seems. i'm fuming today. i gave the letter to the head of complaints on 18th, the head of nursing didn't get it until 20th yet she waits until 5.28 on friday - today to try to contact me so then hand delivers a letter to my house to say she would have liked to talk this through - like she tried hard, and basically the DN service cannot accomodate this number of calls. sustainability of the care package is mentioned - for a change. bloody sustainability card is always played. So long story short, they will not be administering the medication because they cannot accomodate the frequency of calls. this is because i asked for them at times different to manual handling times - so my partner isn't given fluids and then moved about the place, as he'd probably puke up.
With the extra medication calls we'd be going from two to five a day. Can anyone tell me if there is a precedence to number of calls?
I don't know what to do now. Shall I call their bluff? can they take away the whole package of care because they reckon they can't meet these three extra nursing calls? legally i don't have to do anything, so surely Ishouldn't even have been included in the care package when it was decided my partner would be 'sustainable' in the community. Legally don't they have to administer his medication. I'm so mad at them and just feel worn out by it all.
My son has Downs Syndrome and type 1 Diabetes. Our GP arranged district nurse support,at the times we needed it, when Ben went into respite care. We had to do without respite to start with,but when the GP heard that, he spoke to the County head of Community nurses and said the nurses had to come out to support Ben's needs,and at times where he would have had insulin whilst at home.
Perhaps your GP could support you?
I hope you get some success. Fighting for your rights and your husband's is so exhausting,and drains you before you start on the important work of caring.
Do you mind me asking how many calls you have?
We don't any more,as Ben doesn't go to respite care. (he was sexually assaulted at one time when he went there).
The District nurses had to go in four times a day.His injections are at meal times,and an evening one which was unable to be given at the same time as his evening meal.
omg - what is wrong with people. i'm so sorry this happened to your son. i bet nothing was done either. in my experience it seems these people can just about get away with anything