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more distrust and crap

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Maxi I'm sorry but I think you've missed the point here. I have no problem with protocol and there does need to be rules to protect people but they are NOT following protocol. They are treating us differently. It is protocol to keep medication records, which I adhere to and believe in and fill in. It is not protocol to then get a nurse, who is unqualified in the area to write in a completely separate place whether this has happened or not, even though you can check at any time in the medicine chart.
It is not protocol to take the nursing notes out of the house so quickly that no one can even see what happened yesterday. This is simply impractical as we have no comparison of mood, illness, sleeping pattern, additional medication - anything useful. It is not protocol to spy on someone.
It is not protocol to do NOTHING when a care professional commits a civil offence in your home and puts the caree in danger and causes him distress.
It is not protocol to report someone to Pova without just cause or any evidence. Thank God Pova have some sense.
And it is not protocol to restrict someone their privacy, in fact it is actually unlawful as the human rights act states that everyone has the right to live in privacy.
It is also not protocol not to listen to the family, in fact it is stated in every community care guideline I have read that the family members should be listened to, consulted and involved in decisions unless there is good reason not to do so and this can be evidenced.
The problem is people not following protocol and acting above and outside protocol, like Lazydaisy says being so sure they know best that they don't listen to anyone else. We have had this countless times, since the beginning. If I hadn't challenged my partner's medication in hospital, he would have died. I challenged his fluid levels and potassium levels and guess again, I was right to do so as he cardiac arrested and technically did die for 7 minutes as yep, he didn't have enough fluids. And now he is out of serious danger, it continues - still not listening to us, still doing whatever they think is right even though they have no experience of his condition and get it wrong time and time again.
[YES,your upset,I dont blame you one bit.But,I can see why we have these rules.]quote, Maxi

I don't know if you are referring to me, or to LittleRachet, but upset is NOT how I am feeling.
I am feeling angry, let down and totally totally heartbroken, because one of my sons died, when Medical and Social Services staff turned their backs on my son and the evidence that was under their noses.
I will spend the rest of my life aiming on raising awareness of the many young deaths that are occurring through type 1 Diabetes,and screaming as loud as I can about the ignorance of staff. How dare Diabetes nurses think they know better than a person who has lived with the condition for years?How dare they say they are the only experts?If they were, then they would have had the right answers, and what you say would be correct. (plus, my son would be ALIVE).
My elder son is at home most of the time with us nowadays, because there is hardly anyone who can care correctly for his type 1 Diabetes.
Image yes,i get your drift now.so-wrong to treat you any differently.thats just nasty,in fact.What a rotten show.Apart from the rules we have by the ton from the MONOLITHIC BEAST,the state,and the lists of garbage from the council,they seem to make-up their own ones on top of all that,wretched lot!.
I would take a picture of the notes before they removed them. Or buy a small photocopier or scan them into the computer.
I like that.very well said.
Littlerachet - tell us about it Image .
Honestly, why don't you photocopy the sheets if you have that facility at home, or at least take a photo of them. But don't you have the right to keep them at home? How dangerous (sorry) is it for the next person NOT to know how he's been??? Why do they have to keep taking them away and how come they're not in a carbon-copied book anyway (so they can take the top sheet and leave you with the carbon copy in the book).??? Might be worth asking?

AND NO, Daisy - we are not entitled to privacy within our own MARRIAGES, let alone with our families.

Hubby's care plan and medication notes are printed on sheets which are supposed to be kept in the PAs' room, for reference and so that the following person can see what's what. Hubby also has the master copies on computer (well, we wrote them in the first place), good job too, because the number of times that PAs have walked away from here with the private care plan notes in their suitcases is unbelievable.
this thread is one i just follow,I must say the contributions do inspire me.I can only contribute my own support.I watch this thread unfold,I learn and learn again.
Thanks everyone for your support, I really appreciate this Image
Update - I wrote a letter explaining what's been going on and requested notes to be collected each month. I also have withdrawn from administering any medication, which will result in 3 extra visits by a qualified nurse. They'll have trouble trying to meet this, but it is their own fault. At least it protects me from allegations in the future.
I also met with an independent complaints facilitator. I think he found the list of things quite disturbing. I think the evidence speaks for itself. He is going to try to help to get them to admit to their mistakes and issue an apology, clear my name and get them working better togethere with me again, so watch this space........
Great stuff littlerachet,
You go get them!!!!

Hope this independant guy stirs things up a little for you, you deserve an apology at the very least.
Take care. xx
I second that.I too hope all goes well for you.