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more distrust and crap

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District nurse is recording in the nursing notes whether I have given a pain patch or not. This is an unqualified nurse checking up on whether I'm giving a certain medication, despite there being a medication chart in the house, in which I record stuff, same as everyone else. i quizzed the nurse and as expected she said the head nurse wanted to keep an eye on what was being given for pain. Is it not enough they tried to report me to pova? just because I don't agree with their doping policy. they'd have OH taking pain relief if he had an itch if they had their way.
Also, they keep taking the nursing notes. They usually wait until there is a bulk of them, not with us. Last week the nurse took one sheet - one sheet i ask you. We couldn't even look to see what happened yesterday, not exactly practical. What use are they to them sitting in a filing cabinet as opposed to sitting in our house where everyone can look at them and read them, to see how OH has been? Again, it is just to check up on us as they don't want us hanging onto the notes - lord knows what they think i'm going to do with them.
They don't do either of these things with other patients, it's not protocol.
This honestly feels like a hate campaign, with all the other things. I feel bullied and spied on in my own home. What can I do about this? Anyone got any experience of this sort of petty behaviour. It's a bit futile as I could make a request for all the notes at any time anyway, or refuse to give any meds and they would have to take over. Let's see how they like three additional visits a day to the house to give meds then!!! Always one thing after another with them. Strangely I can cope with our lives being thrown upside down but I CANNOT COPE WITH THE DISTRESS THE NHS ALWAYS CAUSE US through bad management and NO TRUST WHATSOEVER
Sorry you're having such a rough time. Unfortunately I don't have much experience in this kind of thing so I can't offer much practical support, but I know the feeling of not being able to deal with all the excess stress put on by NHS or other official bodies. Especially when you've got so much to cope with. Hope all works out as well as it can.
In the line-managment pecking-order of any such chain of comand,every link in the chain is bound by protocols,rules,etc.Such is the way of things,So,thats life in 2011.
what does that mean maxi? this is not protocol - we are clearly being treated differently and singled out.
Little Rachet, I understand, and I sympathise. We were treated like this too, because I dared to make an official complaint about the care of my elder son's diabetes. They held a "professionals only" meeting, behind our back, and the nurse that made decisions at that meeting,(who had never met my son), made dangerous assumptions,that put his life at risk. My son has not been back to his day centre since, we cannot risk it. (My younger son died due to complications of his Diabetes a year after this, and Social Services have suddenly realised that I was telling the truth all along,and they avoid me like the plague now).
I hope you have strength to continue the fight that you shouldn't have to go through, because they have no respect for families.
When my mum was bedbound and on morphine and fentanyl patches there was a chart kept, also nursing notes which I set up myself in a file clearly marked they were my property and not to be removed. When asked to surrended them I pointed out the notice, but offered to photocopy them there and then, signing each one before handing them over. Only asked the one time by a DN acting up a rank!

Whatever happened to respect?.................maybe best not answer that.

TAke care
I can only agree with Meg on this one- copy everything.
I don't trust the 'professionals' either- all they are interested in is covering their backs.
Take care.
its not just carers who find such protocols apply.but,yes,there is a fact of life at work here.as a carer,i know that i have a duty,of care,to my caree.ofcourse my care of my caree should be open to scrutiny.i know that any medical service help i need must have their proceedures,yes,its a pain,but they have their protocols.
Does that mean though that our families are entitled to no privacy at all?
The trouble does not come from the professionals who care about their work. The trouble comes from the ones who think that THEY are the only ones who know everything,and cause a LOT of trouble. One professional who decided she knew better than us,put my son's life at risk, and if I had not found out accidentally about what had happened, I could have been sitting here now with TWO dead sons. It took me 12 months to get the dangerous notes removed from my son's GP notes,and I had to provide evidence for every word that came out of my mouth. The people who caused the danger did not even have to apologise.
There are Care Staff and district nurses who do CARE about what they do,and I am thankful to have met some of them too.
Thanks to messers Blair and Brown,over their time as Primeministers,civil liberties were stripped away,more and more stats,protocols,scrutiny,etc..etc..etc was brought in to snoop,spy,intrude and just BOTHER people in general.So,we end-up where you are now.

Im not supporting these protocols.Ive OPPOSED the crazy destruction of our freedoms,the snooping of the state,for years,Ive LOATHED and DEPLORED The BIG BROTHER state these clowns left us.

But,Nobody,today ever trusts anyone.There have been terrible cases of neglect etc,so,after each one,new protocols come-in.Over-the-top,often.

I dont back these,I just see that this is what we have.Its a blunt instrument.Your treated just the same as anyone else,I guess,no worse.going by your writings,here.

YES,your upset,I dont blame you one bit.But,I can see why we have these rules.

They are as they are due to our former leaders,the society we live in.