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Moral Dilemma

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I am wondering what other carers would feel about or do in this situation. Say for example you knew someone who had recently been awarded the higher rate of DLA (both mobility and care components) after submitting an appeal. You had seen that person on different occasions in the past few weeks running (yes, running!), striding out independently, catching buses etc with no one as support.

I am in this situation. If I were not the full-time carer of a person whose disability completely hinders her, who could never in a million years run, who cannot go out without supervision, I probably would not feel so upset. But I really feel this person must be cheating the system. I mean, running, for goodness sake - it is like an insult to people who are really hampered by their disability.

I spoke to my old friend (used to be friend until he wanted us to be more than friends) and he said "Well, yes, she can run a little." Since when did higher rate DLA mobility apply to those who can run a little? They both make me feel I am the unreasonable one ......Am I?
I personally would do nothing, even if she admitted that she was defrauding the benefits system I would do nothing other than cease all contact with her but do you know on what grounds she gets DLA? I suppose that she could have a condition which is variable although it does not appear from your description of her running that she meets the virtually unable to walk criteria? And has she told you that she is getting higher rate care and mobility? She may not be, someone may be trying to make things difficult for her and she may only get the lower rates of both or middle rate care and be perfectly entitled to them.

I really think that I, despite being disabled myself, am not qualified to judge whether people are on the correct benefits or not, I think that the system should be rigorous enough to prevent false or fraudulent claims, I realise that it does not always do this but instead tends to deny claims which are valid but I nevertheless, even when someone is blatant and openly states that they have lied to get a benefit to which they are not entitled, do not see it as my role to police the benefits system, I pay taxes for that to be done on my behalf.
I also would not report the person. I am a manifesting carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and I have Debendox (thalidomide) damage. Sometimes on a good day I walk ok (but I cannot manage distances), on a not so good day I walk with a stick and on a really bad day I use my mobility scooter.

I have been challenged on numerous occassions by the general public as to wether my disability is "genuine" or not and I am sick of it. Getting DLA is not exactly easy - you know the amount of hoops one has to metaphorically jump through before being awarded this benefit.

I explain to these challengers about DMD and my other problems etc but my husband gets quite annoyed with me and tells me that I should tell them to p*ss off and that it is none of their business. Which is true - it is nobody elses business what benefits a person does or does not get.

My son gets the higher rate of mobility component due to the way autism affects him. He can run - straight into a bus. Or he can stop walking - half way across a busy road - and be unable to walk another step. There are specific rules for "mental impairment" that apply to him.

It all depends on the way an individual is affected, and there is no easy test or qualification.
Someone with ME can appear to be perfectly 'normal' on a good day, maybe even running for a bus. However they could then be laid up for weeks unable to do anything for themselves.

It is impossible to judge someone else's illness by just looking at them, or what they can do at any particular time. Not all illnesses manifest 24 hours a day.
If you used to be friends do you then know what they are claiming DLA for?
Like Charles my son is autitic [profound] and could give Lynford Christie a run for his money but straight out onto the road!
I agree that those who cheat are really annoying and I do know a fair few who exagerrate to get higher rates, but the fact genuine cases often times have to jump through hoops only makes me more angry.
Hi there, I also wouldn't report that person, no matter how I felt about the person, or the situation.This Government is turning us all into informants for them. The only responsibility we have is to ourselves and our own.
I agree that it's not right - but none of us really knows what another person suffers. If they are swinging the lead, they will eventually drop themselves into it.
Take a deep breath, Cherish and think how honest you are and you have no worries about claiming - unlike the so - called 'friend' of yours might have.
Wishing you all the best xxx
I wouldn't report them either. My husband has bi polar that afflicts him on and off, but he can walk and run like anyone else, well not so much lately as hes got physical problems but to me, his walk is like a run lol, he walks and goes about things like there is nothing wrong with him some times, as for me, I am registered disabled too, and sometimes walk unaided, sometimes with a stick and sometimes not at all, someone looking at me would think there is nothig wrong with me also on a 'good day
I don't feel I am 'harshly judging' this person since I also know - because she has told me and I have seen with my own eyes - that she lives with a partner, but is claiming income support as a single person. She is definitely claiming higher rate DLA mobility and care because she told me. She has told me she has no need to work now and as she is 35 will get these benefits for the next 30 years.

Piscesmaid you say you don't have the 'time or energy' to judge other people. That's quite disparaging. I actually feel very strongly about this issue, and it isn't because I have spare time on my hands or nothing better to do....I find that insulting, to be honest

If you all feel she is doing nothing wrong and has no doubt fought hard for her benefits, then fine. We agree to differ. But she will get higher rate of benefits than my caree and I don't make any apology for feeling that - deeply.
Lots of people are on the fiddle. I mean, retiring chairmen of failed banks leaving with £500,000 a year pension pots aged 52, that kind of thing.
So why do you feel so strongly about this fairly low-level fiddle? I dont suppose she will be exactly living the life of Riley. Benefits arent that good.
The problem is that if you do dob her in you are betraying a confidence, (which is ethically speaking only permissable in failrly serious situations) and she will know that and bitterly resent you. Why make an enemy of her?