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money for the car

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Hi i'm the carer for my mum i run her to hospital and doctors and shopping, do you know, as time are getting tough and petrol going up, can i get any money toward the running of the car?
i'm sure it's all supposed to come out of your dla mobility part if you get it.
I get attendance allowance and mum gets pension credit and i think thats all.
If your mother is on Guaranteed Pension Credit, not just the Savings Credit element of Pension Credit, she may be able to claim back a mileage allowance and any parking fees incurred when attending hospital appointments, this is discretionary so there is so nationally set amount.

Malc, Attendance Allowance does not include the mobility component which means that people who become sick or disabled after their 65th birthday have to find these costs out of other income, successive governments seem to believe that once someone reaches pension age they are quite happy to become housebound Image .
might be worth having a benefits check just incase there is other money available to you,i only know roughly what we can claim,wife 41,me 44 and kids,benefits at retirement age out of my league i'm afraid,i'm sure there's a local number who does benefit checking part of adult social care.parsifal the system stinks doesn't it,surely theres more chance of going hospital as you get older,direct payments could help and then get somebody else to take her instead.
It does stink when you consider that people use their DLA mobility component for aids such as stairlifts, wheelchairs, etc. as well as paying for the additional costs of transport and that DLA higher rate mobility gives access to the Motability Scheme, these too are also denied to them. And older people do tend to represent the greatest use of the NHS, around two-thirds of hospital beds are occupied by older people.
I made a statement at a lobby of parliament in 2002: "It seems to us that government believes that when a person turns 65 their legs naturally drop off and so they don't need help."

The MP concerned did a great impression of Buster Keaton's "Great Stone Face". Image
It's not very clear from your message who gets what (although it's late at night!) If mum is disabled then technically the Attendance Allowance is hers, to spend on her care - so presumably she is the one who claims the state pension, pension credit, and AA? A benefit check for her would be a good idea as if someone is entitled to AA then other things might be available at an enhanced rate. Have you looked at the possibility of claiming Carers Allowance? If not, ask the benefits adviser looking at mum's benefits, to look at your own situation too. Carers UK have a helpline - see the main pages on the site, if the line is busy, email them instead, they reply very quickly. Hope that helps.
Taxis and buses are fairly competitive: its always worth running a comparison on costs to see if private motoring is really the best way forward in your own situation. Lots of people, carers and non-carers, do not have a car. I didn't until I was thirty, only got a car because I got fed up being knocked off my bike by motorists.