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hope this link works,, this is my hound! lol lol
I just love the way that her ears fly up in the air as she runs, she is such fun.
shes always like it,, she dont run she bounces! cleared a 5 ft fence today- was impressed! dunno how she does it, shes sooo lazy indoors (most of the pics of indoors shes asleep on the sofa!) apart from her hurting herself was a good laugh today but im sure people think im mad walking along nattering to the dog!
in't she lovely... galloping about looks like shes having a good time, its great walking around fields etc, all the cares seem to drift away somehow.........one of my dogs ozzie or oswald if hes not in good books, he was out for a while with me and running about like a gazzell on the moss, he's limping a bit today so going to the vets on thurs...then on the way home got accosted by a male dog....it was rampant and really worried ozzie ....i ended up shutting this dog in a garden so we could get away....told my hubby me little boy (dog) was nearly abused Image, it was quite hairy at times as the dog was a boxer and i had problems trying to fend it off...no collar so i dont know where he was from, a woman had to lock her dog away as her dog was trying to attack the boxer and she was pushing a trolley ... some dog owners are irresponsible ....not having a collar/tag on.......usually meet more dog lovers though,,,if it was my other dog lulu she would have gone mad which i was glad she wasn't there
Oh wow, she's a cute one. Oh - and the same goes for you too, Amy! How's school by the way?
What a lovely dog and great photographs.
Oh wow, she's a cute one. Oh - and the same goes for you too, Amy! How's school by the way?
all me girlies have an element of cute about them lol,, not been out today-- mollys nose is a biit tender and im worried she will go swimming and get infected
Amys doing great but telling me she feels sick,, maybe 2 large helpings of dinner hasnt helped (although ive been informed she has a had a big poo but still feels sicky)

does any one else let their dog sleep on the bed bed? matt keeps telling me off for letting her under the covers,, molly is a mummys girl and likes to cuddle up at night (abused by men in the past we r kindred spirirts lol lol)
Every night Pix! Small dog waits for me to wrap him in a furry blanket like a baby and there he stays on the bottom of the bed....at least until we go to sleep ´cos every morning when I turn over there he is between us just looking at me with those big brown eyes! Big boy waits for us to get off the sofa and then he´s up....if he had his way I would be the one watching tv on the floor so he could have the sofa next to his beloved "dad"!!
Awwwww.......Pix, she's lovely! Oh yea, my dogs have always been my best friends. It's a good job that the latest dog I take for walks, etc, is my mother's as she is an old Staffie who weighs....well, a lot! lol. I'm afraid her days are numbered, but she's a lovely dog. Image
gee wizz....we couldn't have ozzie on the bed, gawd does he snore Image zzzz. he sleeps downstairs and we can still hear him its shocking Image Image....lulu woke us up last night, noises spook her, i went down and slept on settee she settled after a while, but im shattered... my hubby keeps saying let her stay upstairs. no no no there both staffies and i carnt get on the settee with them both sprawlled out lying on the backs paws in the air Image Image they are lovely dogs and softies, ozzie will lie with his head on your arm and he loves to be cradled like a baby .........but unfortunatly get bad press due to irresponsibility of owners and mistreated its heartbreaking, i love my "babies"