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Mobility Car lease scheme and accidents - Carers UK Forum

Mobility Car lease scheme and accidents

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Has anybody who leases a car had the unfortunate experience of an accident, where the car had to go away for repairs?
On Saturday, me, hubby and our son, headed off to visit new grandaughter. Driving through Cannock Chase we were hit by a deer. The deer, alas died, but the car has severe damage to the drivers door and front wing - it is undrivable. Went through insurance company, and RAC are collecting it on Tuesday to take it to garage - but I have to wait till Tuesday to contact Mobility Scheme, cos of bank Holiday.
So - the question is - will they provide me with a courtesy car, and will it be a WAV vehicle?
It looks as though your insurance covers a courtesy car if you are with Motability RSA and it appears that you have a choice of vehicle:

http://www.motability.rsagroup.co.uk/fu ... y_cars.asp

[quote]Loan Cars
If you require insurance for a loan car which replaces your Scheme vehicle during your lease, please contact RSA Motability Customer Services Department on Freephone number 0500 37 37 37 with the following information]
Thanks, the impression the insurance company, Royal Sun Alliance gave me, was that they could only supply an ordinary car - which is not much good to me or my husband!
And for some reason they wanted the car taken to Telford - which is quite a way from Stafford!
I think that you probably need to read the policy document which should give further details but the insurance would be pretty useless if you have a limited range of cars to choose from none of which meet your needs especially as it is a policy specifically designed for the Motability scheme. I rather suspect that if you ring again and get another member of the call centre staff you may get a more positive answer, some are more experienced and knowledgeable than others, if that fails and I am still not satisfied with the response I find asking to speak to a supervisor can result in a totally different response.
WE had our car in twice for repairs each time we got courtesy car for 3/4 weeks- 7 years ago when we went to pick up our new car it was damaged beyond repair( fell of transporter) our old car had been handed in 2 weeks early as we were on holiday so there we were no new car no old car the dealer gave us new courtesy car then we got another bigger one to suit our needs we had courtesy car for 4 months then we got the car we had ordered but believe it or not the War pension mobility supplement which is used for the car was paid in cash to the old doll so for 4 months we had both a car and the cash happy days
I also believe that if no suitable car is available and the repairs will take longer than 7 days you get your DLA mobility component back until you receive the car but not until you have been without the car for 7 days.

I may be wrong it is nearly 20 years since I read that in the motability leaflets