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The public have no idea

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I went to the dentist today. My oh gets pension credits and because of this we get free dental treatment etc. The dentist queried this and was told by the assistant that this was so. The dentist then went on about how if her husband had them, she could earn say £100,00 and still get free treatment!!!
I was gobsmacked she should think this and so was she when I told her how it really works.
But if (presumably) well educated, qualified professionals think this, then no wonder we are regarded as scroungers Image Image
I would be tempted to give her chance to do some work on her own mouth.
If i was not a gentlemen as a smack in the teeth may offend Image

Image Image Image
i smiled at your story,but felt no surprise.this is typical stuff.you get this most days.
The majority of people don't have a clue because they hear lots of distorted stories, whether from people they know or the media. Take one exaggerated and overblown case and assume everyone else is the same...
We have been discussing hubby leaving work due to his health, when the company moves end of this month there will be no driving for him so they have said he will be granulating all the time, its far too heavy work for him at his age and with his scolliosis and diabetes so we have been looking into pension credits, seems we will be worse off though
we all,sorry,some of us,at any rate,know the tabloid press those lad mags,gossip-mags for the girls,etc etc,dont tell the whole truth.

so,know this,why do we believe em?.We seem to want to believe the worst of things.