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missed hospital appointment

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I'm really not happy about missing a hospital appointment, it's for my dad hes 75 it's just a 6 monthly check for the bladder cancer. Anyway here it is back in late May we got a letter through saying to come and get your 6 monthly check which they had made for 5th july, but we was away on that date. So we phoned hospital up change date to 12th july, and we got a letter through confirming the date. Ok all set for 12th, then we got another letter on the 7th june saying they changed the appointment back to 5th July OMG i could just bang my head on the wall. So we had to phone hospital up again, they said the people doing the checks or something like that are on holiday. So made another appointment for 2nd August. But this time we didn't get a confirming letter through but i did write the date down.
And here we are we missed the appointment, I'm really mad Image how would be the best way for to get another appointment, because on the bottom of the last letter it says "If you do not attend for the your appointment and do not let the hospital know you will not be coming, the trust may decide, in line with it's policy, not to offer a further appointment"
I was thinking of playing dumb with all these letters we had and dates it was a mix up, phone up monday morning and tell them that what you all think. Image
I would phone them up on Monday and ask if they can confirm when the appointment is. When they say you have missed it, just tell them that you didn`t receive a confirmation letter and had mislaid the paper you had written the appointment on. They will make another one for you no problem. If you do meet negativity, just contact your GP for re-referral. Good luck.xx
Will do thanks i'll post on monday tell you how it went.
yeah, just tell them you never received the letters, and have been ill yourself,
play daft.
Playing daft was always my husband's policy in certain situations. And it used to work.
But, he is daft, anyway.
Sorting out appointments is not hospitals great strength. If its only one appointment that youve missed you should be able to get another one fairly easily. If not, go and speak to your GP. Hubby missed an appointment because it was booked through "choose and book", but, we too, never got a confirmation letter. Unfortunately, because it was a new appointment we had to go back to the GP. We booked another one and, again did not receive a letter to confirm it. I phoned up, luckily, because when we were told the date of the appointment it was on a different day at a different hospital Image
No this is the first one hes missed, he as another one in october for another department in the hospital, and when i asked my dad he said its for the 15th, but i had a feeling that can't be right, so i looked on the bit of paper i wrote it down on and it was 2nd.
To many dates and to many confirmation papers and chop and changing the dates. Oh well, will see if we can get another appointment tomorrow when we phone, otherwise need to goto the GP Image , in future i will keep dates in check for other appointments.
I have a planner calendar in the kitchen and everyone`s appointments go on it. Even mark which dustbin day it is as we are colour coded with our bins now! It is a godsend, and if anyone moves it....woe betide them!xx
I have one of those too poppett, but it doesnt work if hubby organizes something forgetting to check on the calendar first, and then forgets to tell me what hes done ...........
Well we manage to get another appointment, with a bit of bouncing around the departments of the hospital, at first they said they would send a letter out for confirmation date, then we got a call back to come in on thursday. They said they will send a confirmation letter also, i guess to cover there back just incase we mess up again.
So all good now, its just a 6 monthly checkup appointment but still need to check make sure nothing as come back.