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Miss/Mrs does it matter? - Carers UK Forum

Miss/Mrs does it matter?

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One of my bugs bears. Why is it relevant to my dental health, my laptop warranty, all and sundry if I am married or not.
Why is it necessary for me to declare my marital status when my hubby, son, brother etc are just men first and for most.

(yes I know that on forms etc they have to say if they are married/have a partner but thats not what bothers me)

Is not that I'm ashamed or bothered about being married its just that in this day and age when women are individuals in their own right I find this really annoying.

My son thinks I'm mad and can't see the problem .... am I?
surely being married and loving the person your with is something to be proud of so putting mrs is an achievement that says i'm married and have children and happy.i'm married with children and when a form says marital status i'm proud to put married in the box because i love my wife and i have 3 beautiful children who are fantastic kids,i wouldn't have done half the things in my life if it wasn't for my wife supporting me and loving me unconditionally.
i know marital status matters for car insurance because it indicates stability in your life ie not going to drive like a lunatic probably the same for other things.
t in this day and age when women are individuals in their own right I find this really annoying.
No you're not alone. I'm a Ms for the same reasons though I'm working towards being Dr just to confound the lot of them!
I have used 'Ms' for as long as possible. As a happily unmarried person, I was fed up with the assumptions made with either Miss or Mrs. Unfortunately, a while new set of assumptions are being made about those of us who use 'Ms', many of them ignorant and disparaging.
Yes, I too find it annoying and use Ms / Miss / Mrs interchangeably. I find my marital status irrelevant for most things. Malc - I assume you are not saying that married people drive better than single people?? I know many marriages that are far from stable!!
anne,i wasn't saying anything just trying to get in the mindset of insurance companies,the same as i drive no different now the kids are 16 and that's a question also.
This is one of those anomalies that has it's roots as far back as the Suffragette movement Image It's not that long ago that single women couldn't get a mortgage or any kind of loan unless they had a male relative who would stand surety for the money. It was generally believed that the 'little woman' wasn't able to cope with such things Image

Today women have the right to vote; own property; run their own, highly successful, companies; bring up families single handedly all without the 'benefit' of a handy male.

When asked the question I usually reply - "irrelevant, put down whatever you like".

Additionally, Dear Insurance Company - I would like to point out that you generally give us less able 'little women' more favourable motor insurance rates as it is proven that women have less accidents and make fewer insurance claims than men Image We also live longer than our male counterparts Image
Before I married, I used to prefer Ms... I hated Miss at any cost. I used to have a lot of issues with the landlord who often thought they could walk over me when I chose to be Miss which was one of the main reasons I changed to Ms.

With that said though, as soon as I married, I adopted Mrs and haven't changed from that since.

To look at things from a man's angle in this debate, I must admit that it looks strange to see most mail come under Mr yet still get the odd thing under Master.
I'm single and prefer Miss, I don't like Ms - I tend to tell people who address me as Ms that I'm a single woman, not a dying fly...