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Holiday Grant or Respite Care? - Carers UK Forum

Holiday Grant or Respite Care?

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Redfang asked:
maybe one of the mods would be able to start a little poll to find out how many other people feel about having a holiday payment once a year that would be interesting to see.
Who am I to disagree?
Mind you if carers pittance was paid at a reasonable rate and we had 'holiday pay' and the other luxuries of normal paid employment ( such as a set amount of leave entitlement) we wouldn't need any grants Image
In my case neither - at Mum's age and health she couldn't cope with being in a strange place overnight (she likes her routine) and I wouldn't leave her for respite care.

So, if anyone's going to the coast I prefer aniseed rock please.................. Image

Paula xx
the choice should be there.
Thanks for your comments, but it would help if you'd use your vote! Please?? Image
For us the holiday grant would have to include 24 hour care. We would hate a holiday in a centre for people with disabilities, I'd go for a cottage, less worry about mess, more autonomy, with care provided. Respite is something I desperately need but only on a day basis, neither of us would want him to go somewhere for a week or more alone. I'm voting for a holiday grant but with sufficient financing to cover provision of care. Even carers are allowed to dream Image .
Just bumping this up to make sure everyone who wants to has had a chance to vote/make a comment.
Hi, A little bit of money to help towards a break would be nice.
Financially, I did struggle a bit and it wasn't as if we were going anywhere really posh!! Image

I must admit too, I did feel a bit guilty using the money out of our wee pot of funds to go away by myself. Image

Back to the poll!

I put both as we used our DP to pay for extra respite last year so I could go on holiday for a few days.

Our usual DP is for 2 nights care so I asked for another 4 nights extra that week to let me get away for a few days.
Nothing exotic, a Mon - Fri in Blackpool with my mum (we're TEA jenny's so it was a bit of shopping and chilling and some real rest - tea and buns!!). Image Image Image

It worked out well as our daughter is our P.A. so she just moved into our house and stayed with OH while I was away, it kept everything routine for OH!

Our arrangement works for us although, I can see how others feel as I couldn't have left OH with strangers. Image
From the outset, it has NEVER been an option so in other circumstances I would not have been able to go at all!! Image

marie x
well holliday i would love but wouldnt do me justice as bro would need restbite and all he gets is 1 night and 2 half days a month away so i guess that would count me out huh
Ive just been told by the job centre this week there is an organization in my local town which gives grants for holidays in my area and can arrange respite or grant towards the cost of the care of your relative or caree... I am going to find out about it soon as I have time!