JACK from Windsor is a resident in a care home and his son has advertised for someone to take his dad to the local to keep him company and have a bit of a chat nothing wrong with that Jacks son Mike may be to busy to take his own father for a drink or even a meal with the rest of the family so he is prepared to pay £7 an hour for a drinking buddy .

This reminded me of the time when the powers that be told me they thought STAN would be better off in care home i was told it was like home from home.
However after i asked all the usual questions i knew it was more like a prison sentence for him i had a vision of STAN trapped in this dump with no prospect of freedom he made 7 escapes from Stalag 8b so care home would not have been a problem for him.

GEORGE== photo STAN waiting for his last pint ever at GEORDIES BAR OUDE ABDIJ hotel in BELGIUM STAN passed away couple of months after this photo taken .

His longest escape was 4 nights he was walking for miles or so he thought he was only 3 miles from camp when recaptured locked up in cell for 8 weeks and he was told at end of war he would be put in prison to serve a 5 year sentence STEVE McQUEEN WAS NEXT DOOR Image