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Mindfulness - Carers UK Forum


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Didn't really want to put this in health section as I feel it has a broader application to all aspects of caring.

I thought we probably all do it with or without realising it and it may be interesting to pool our experiences, tips and benefits.

I thought I would give an example how I use it myself sometimes. When driving somewhere- anywhere, your mind can be distracted and racing along on other matters-what time carers are coming, need to check medication, wonder if so and so is ok and a million other things on todays urgent to do list. You drive through some traffic lights and then wonder whether they were red and you never noticed. Time for mindfulness so clear mind and focus on the here and now- who is behind you, what is ahead of you- what can you see/hear. Who is about, what is the weather doing etc etc and snap back to the here and now.

Anyone else found it useful in any situation and how do you apply it?
I use Mindfulness when I'm getting stuck in my thoughts and when I'm having spiralling or cyclic thoughts. I have spells where I try to do a 10 minute meditation each day, not easy when S is about, but really helps when I manage it.

I do it in the car sometimes, too. I concentrate on the actual process of driving - all the actions we do automatically- how my hands feel on the steering wheel, how much I turn it, how my feet are pressing the pedals, my hand on the gear stick and how I move it etc

I use breathing techniques if I need to stay calm in a tricky situation.

I rate Mindful moments too e.g. really focus on the first sip of a drink, pause and savour it, before swallowing. Enjoy washing hands with warm water and lovely scented soap, appreciate the clouds in the sky or the feel of the sun on my face, the scent of the garden after dark etc

I bought the book, and the DVD, did first 3 chapters and then forgot most of it :lol:
However I do use self calming techniques including just focussing on my breath. I also love the relaxation bits of any yoga class I do, it's mindfulness by another name.

Thanks for the reminder, I should finish the book and practice more.
Mindfulness is a very important thing to learn especially as carers as it can save lives. It's hard to switch off but so necessary to learn to do so if you can't do it automatically.
I not 100% sure I understand what mindfulness is, but definitely could do with trying it as I am awful for having my mind full of thoughts about 101 things, and not concentrating on the moment. I live in a lovely little town and when we first moved here, I used to take joy in just walking out of the door and enjoying my surroundings and it occurred to me this morning as I came back from walking the dog, that I don't do this anymore. The town hasn't changed, I have and I don't really know how to get that joy for small things back. Will watch this post with interest!
Hi Sally
theres plenty about it on the internet but this is a good book with audio tracks
https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=rxd ... cQ6AEIJTAA
Essentially it's finding ways if learning how to in the moment and calm busy minds
Hi Sally,
That's exactly why Mindfulness is so helpful, to appreciate the beauty in the little things that we have ceased to notice and rescue us from being caught up in and at the mercy of our thoughts. Many moons ago, I taught infants in a mainstream primary school and the children's delight in everything from a shiny stone, to a ladybird, a squirrel's antics in the trees, autumn leaves etc etc was infectious. Mindfulness tries to invoke this awe and wonder.

I thoroughly recommend the book Mrs A has listed, that was the first book I used. More recently, I needed something else and am now working my way through Mindfulness for Women. It's in the same series, but comes at it from a different perspective.

I think this is why dog walking is so therapeutic- looking at trees, flowers, leaves, birds, ponds, beach, sea,mud! I do sometimes wonder how my cat friend can stay indoors so often! I climb the walls if I don't get out every day.