MIND playing mind games? So much for nhs referral!

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Almost needless to add , the main MENTAL HEALTH MELTDOWN thread and a report from the King's Fund :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/specific ... down-34595

https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/press/pres ... hs-finance

The word GRIM springs to mind ...
Grim is right. I got depressed after reading the first page of the thread you posted.....
I'm not known as the Grim Reaper for nothing.

Trouble is , far too many carers close their minds and eyes to actual reality out there.

By doing , nothing , nothing will improve ... or ... should I say , get worse more slowly.

That Green Paper ... will be released , eventually.
Agreed. I've resisted any self-referral, but when I finally was referred, I would like to have felt I would know the timeline. Waiting and not being in control is far worse than living with anxiety for twenty years!!!!

The consultant has also put my name down for specialist NHS services but she said the wait for that was much longer.

So when people recommend counseling, or therapy, instead you might want to adopt a dog and talk it: much faster, and mine's a good listener too!
Some positive news to share!! Since my referral to Mind at the end of June and TWO intake assessments, I heard today that that I have been accepted and assigned a caseworker!!! Possibly a first session this year??

My anxiety level has decreased to what it was before I was referred!

The take away message from my experience is to apply before you need any help and don't hold your breath. Otherwise I guess you have to seek private help. 😕
Hi Rosemary, glad that you've got a response, at last!!
Thanks, BB!