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MIND playing mind games? So much for nhs referral! - Carers UK Forum

MIND playing mind games? So much for nhs referral!

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Having been referred by an nhs consultant to MIND, had a screening meeting face to face, told I'd be notified of the outcome within a week, it is now three weeks since the meeting and I haven't heard whether or not MIND will see me! I'm overwhelmed by the confidence I have in them and wonder if anyone has had experience of this outfit?

I've heard the nhs is poor with regards mental health services but this charity offers promises it doesn't keep! Hope I'm the only one to have this experience......
Suffice to say , MIND would not be the first charity saying one thing whereas the actual reality is totally different !

In our immediate sphere , one has only to look at the Care Act / carer assessments / hospital discharges to name just three.
Thanks Chris. I am not really surprised, just disappointed that I should have gone through MIND's screening (out) exercise, asked how long for a decision and then left hanging.... I won't be holding my breath for an appointment anytime soon, thats for sure!
Just wondering if this is yet another case of the post code lottery ?

MIND / NHS ... Workington / Worksop ... same time to wait ?

NHS on diagnostic tests waiting times ( Don't shoot the poster ! ) :

https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/s ... -activity/
Really don't know. This overdue communication is not for an appointment but to say whether or not they would see me at some point. Ironically it would be for anxiety (pardon me if I'm overeacting!). Not a new thing, had it for close to 20 years. As I mentioned in another post, I have respect for my new consultant neuropsychiatrist but not so much for this SE London charity's outpost. I would hate to think any nhs money is going to them.

The false hope of some helpful interactions is worse than not seeing them at all.

After sharing my information with them, I'll be feeling conned if they tell me I'm unsuitable, especially after the esteemed consultant's referral.
I’ve had dealings with mind before, if I was you I would contact them again things can get overlooked it’s always best to keep reminding them of your situation. Hope this helps.
Thank you Jayne.
As confirmed by my GP yesterday, they're just slow. Pity their clerk didn't tell me that in the first place!
There is absolutely no excuse for this sort of delay. I am getting so fed up with well paid people who can't do their jobs properly.
Just an update. Still no appointment for therapy!

I was referred by consultant in july, was seen by a clerk/phone screener July 22. Response to tell if I was suitable for services due in a week. Called in for another assessment last week. Told they will let me know in a couple of weeks. I'm guessing I might get a real therapy session, perhaps in November!? Not holding my breath!

It seems that you need to start any request for services long before you need them!