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Merry Christmas... - Carers UK Forum

Merry Christmas...

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Happy Christmas one and all!

A Cheery Christmas Jack Russell to make you smile!

And a Merry Christmas to you too Image
Merry Christmas Marie,

Hope now that DP's are working out, that 2008 means you can have some time to yourself.

x x x
Cheers Rosemary I do love my DP it's an unusual commodity...a service that works well!! Image

I got the chance to speak to the Direct Payments officer for my local authority while at a Christmas party guess what the topic was and here's a hint - it wasn't about Santa Image Image

I asked her specifically about the changes in Scotland and our LA she says we'll be ok as in her opinion (and she's the officer!) it would take specialist indepth training to deal with OH's needs so that's why my L.A. wouldn't challenge employing a family member.

Good news for us, she also said our case was unique in the area as the DP isn't paid directly for the care of the disabled person, although the care is for OH it's more to support me to continue caring (2 nights sleep and 8 hrs daytime break)

I never really thought about it like that but I suppose it makes sense! Image

Anyone else in the same position could technically push for the same reason so it's maybe food for thought eh?

This is the first year I've been able to timetable some sleep and I do feel the benefits greatly so if the above helps anybody...get pushing as I was told from somebody here, before my DP began...
Shy bairns get nowt
and how true that is!! Image

I quote this to lots of people and it seems to spur them on a bit in their quest for help.

marie x
Hi Marie,

I wonder who said that to you... Image

DP's can work,we have seen that with yourself and others BUT there has to remain a choice.We are going to have to be on our toes these next few months and try be aware of as much as possible to the way they are going to progress,especially alongside Individual Budgets.
One of my concerns is the day/respite centres.So many are closing now and being said not cost effective.How many will remain open once more and more people access DP's.
There is almost always a catch where carers and their families are concerned.Two steps forward and three back 'sometimes'.

The fact you have been able to employ your daughter has been a massive step forward and I hope other carers will be able to do the same.

x x x
Cheers Rosemary, you're right choice is everything!

I love it when a plan comes together..now who said that I wonder!!! LOL

Have a real good Christmas!
marie x
Merry Christmas to you Marie,
You too wendy, I hope we all have a good year to come! Image

marie x
Merry Christmas everyone.

Hope 2008 is good for you all.