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Mental health,Wales.

Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:00 am
by Lazydaisy
"Carers will be trained to help prevent the risk of suicides and a 24-hour phone and text service for people with mental health problems has been launched. Mental health first aid training, already running in some parts of Wales, is based on a scheme imported from Australia and adopted in Scotland"

The above is a statement from the Welsh Assembly.Now, do they mean, professional Care staff, or yet another task for unpaid family Carers?And what happens if we fail? My younger son has been at risk of suicide for four years, by neglecting his Diabetes and ending up nearly dead, six times in those four years. I have begged the NHS and Social services for support in tha time. I am the one telling them he is at risk. There have been plenty of other times when I have spotted the signs early enough that making sure he gets loads of extra insulin is enough, but once the high sugars affect the heart and brain, the body is shutting itself down, and he needs urgent medical care.

I cannot do any more than I have been doing, and no authority appears to recognise the problem(which is huge, as last year there were over 3300 young people with insulin dependent diabetes admitted to hospital in England alone, with the same problem. Don't know the figures for Wales)It is a physical problem, but in my son's case, and perhaps that of many others, brought on by the depression of realising that a chronic illness is for life, not just childhood.