An interesting article from the Guardian by Joy Hibbins , a service user now providing a new service based on adverse experiences suffered first hand : ... sis-centre

I'm reinventing mental health care by putting patients in charge.

My experiences as a mental health service user helped me to set up and run a suicide crisis centre

The limited control I had over my interactions with mental health professionals also had a negative impact on me. In the psychiatrist-patient relationship, the power lies with the psychiatrist. And in the community, mental health teams decided how often I would be seen, what kind of care I would receive and when the care would end. Each of these things made me feel vulnerable.

An article worth reading on more than level.

A service tailor made for the user ... how many could WE use based on that principal ????

It would literally revolutionise many of our lives.

Carer run / caree run ... see the immediate difference ?

After all , how can those who are NOT carers , or have ever been carers , run OUR lives ???

Food for further thought ... ???

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Just one to savour :

I love this article, a lot.

I have thought for a long time that if I were to win the lottery or something,

I would like to set something like this up - somewhere people could go when they feel similarly to how I have recently, to feel safe & heard & looked out for, cared about.

That there's somewhere they can go when they don't know what to do but don't feel comfortable going to A&E.

It is funny how many people seen to presume that psych patients wouldn't be competent of such things, but actually people with lived experience are crucial to service development etc.

I mean, a lot of psychiatrists/psychologists etc. have some form of lived experience of mental health issues which makes them go into the field in the first place.

Society see us as weaker than those without any mental health issues, but there are so many of us that it just isn't realistic to think we don't function - some of us can't work, but some of us can & we shouldn't be overlooked for the helpfulness that we could contribute.

Anyway enough rambling... Well done you, sounds like you're doing something fantastic & I wish there were more things like this around.

Ramble away ... your making sense !